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25 Ways to Propose and Give a Sterling Silver Engagement Ring

Justin Grainger

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After you have searched through all the engagement rings and wedding ring sets on the market and have made the perfect choice, it is time to propose.  The following list of ideas are excellent options for making that special moment, something that will be unforgettable.

  1. Go to Paris and head on over to the Eifel tower or go on a boat ride down the Seine river and be that guy that proposes in Paris France.
  2. Buy a bouquet of roses and inside the flowers attach a note with the ring.
  3. After a nice dinner tell her you have something special for dessert and place the ring on a cupcake and bring it to her.
  4. Buy a billboard space and put up a will you marry me message with your favorite picture of the two of you.
  5. Have your friend that is a police officer pull her over and then you be the one to approach the car and ask her to marry you.
  6. Put in a request with your local radio station to have you propose in between songs.
  7. Buy an ad in the newspaper proposing to her and tell her you saw something in the paper she might want to look at.
  8. Have the announcer at a sports stadium help you pop the question during halftime.
  9. Go to an amusement park and ask during a ride or at the top of a Ferris wheel.
  10. Vacations are always great, so plan a trip to Hawaii and propose during a beautiful sunset on the beach.
  11. Or when you are on that Hawaii trip or somewhere else warm, go swimming and tell her that you want to show her something interesting and pull out the ring in a waterproof box.
  12. Rent a cabin in the woods and coordinate with a friend to help set the room up with a few of her favorite treats and drinks and the ring so when you walk in you can propose and enjoy the evening and weekend.
  13. Send her an urgent text message that you need help and the location where you are and then propose when she arrives.
  14. If it is around Christmas, you can always hide a ring on the Christmas tree or place it as a regular present and propose while sharing gifts.
  15. Change the picture on her computer’s wallpaper to have a will you marry me message.
  16. Get a special fortune cookie made and go out for a Chinese dinner and have them provide the special cookie at the end of the meal to her.
  17. Be bold and just announce your desire to marry her in front of your family and friends at a summertime get together or BBQ.
  18. Go to the beach and spell out will you marry me in the sand and then take her on a walk.
  19. Hire a celebrity through an app to help with the proposal for you.
  20. Coordinate with the stewardess’s on a airplane flight to assist with your proposal over the loud speaker on a vacation trip.
  21. Hire an airplane to fly a will you marry me message and go to your favorite outdoor hangout spot and have him fly overhead.
  22. Play your favorite boardgames such as monopoly and set up a card she draws to say will you marry me?
  23. Give her a huge box all wrapped up with bows with a series of smaller and smaller boxes in it until the ring box, holding the sterling silver ring.
  24. Give her a box of special chocolates an insert the ring inside.
  25. Put the ring on the pillow before she goes to bed.

No matter how you choose to propose you will want to make sure that you have found the right ring.  Look through our extensive collection of Sterling Silver Womens rings and you will certainly be able to find the right ring for future wife.  Don’t forget to review our wedding ring sets as you can get a great deal buying both the engagement ring and the wedding band at the same time and guarantee that they will look perfect together. 

Get down on one knee and make the plunge into a lifetime commitment with the person

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