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3 Alternatives to the Princess Cut for Engagement Rings

Justin Grainger

 princess cut alternative

There’s a reason why the princess cut stone is often chosen as the center stone for an engagement ring. Its clean lines and beveled sides increase its ability to catch light and gives it that extra special sparkle - wherever the wearer goes. The princess cut is classic, yet modern - giving an updated look and feel to the timeless tradition of wearing an engagement ring to symbolize commitment. We’ve got a beautiful collection of princess cut rings available for those who already know that’s the cut they want. But, we also know it can be overwhelming to choose a particular cut, especially for an occasion that’s so important and a ring that will be worn every day, forever. That’s why we’re providing our top three alternative cuts to the princess cut for engagement rings here.


Brilliant Cut

 Move over, princess. Brilliant cut rings are here to challenge the princess cut for most sparkles caught per second. The brilliant cut is not square, but not circular either. It is almost more of a cone shape, with a hexagonal facet at the top and then many triangular facets around the top of the stone. This cut is designed to catch the maximum light possible. The brilliant cut is also the most classic shape of cut featured in artwork about rings - even the engagement ring emoji features a brilliant cut center stone. It’s iconic.


Pear Shape

 The pear shape is incredibly romantic, yet subtle. It pairs well (no pun intended) with rings that feature other stones as well besides the classic cubic zirconium or armalique. This makes it an ideal choice for someone who appreciates time-honored style but wants a special twist on tradition for their own ring. The pear shape cut ring is reminiscent of the heart shape cut ring, but is more versatile for every day wear - making it the perfect choice for an engagement ring.


Cushion Cut

 Perhaps the most popular alternative to the princess cut center stone is the cushion cut. The cushion cut offers the signature square shape of a princess cut, but also incorporates rounded edges. This increases its ability to catch the light from different angles, and creates a softer “glow” to the ring. The cushion cut is a shape that will make you do a double take. You know there’s something special about it that makes it really eye-catching, you just don’t know exactly what. Now the mystery is solved!

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