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5 Reasons to Get a Sterling Silver Promise Ring

Justin Grainger

Promise Rings, Sterling Silver Rings, Engagement Rings, Fashion Rings

Promise rings are a special commitment towards a future engagement and life together.  Many younger couples want to signify their commitment to each other without taking on the bigger step of getting engaged and planning for a wedding.  Planning the right wedding takes a lot of time and money, things that can be hard to come by while still establishing your adult life.  Promise rings symbolize the hope for a long-term lasting relationship and the intent to stay together as a couple through tough times and good times.  It is not a promise of marriage akin to an engagement ring, but they should still not be given lightly.  There are many different types of rings on the market, however sterling silver rings are often the best choice for promise rings for many different reasons.

5 Reasons Sterling Silver Rings Make Good Promise Rings

  1. Precious Metal – Sterling Silver is a precious metal. The 925 stamped on all quality sterling silver rings signify that they are made with 92.5% silver.  The remaining 7.5% is made from an alloy that can include zinc, copper, or nickel, and they are what gives sterling silver its enduring quality and strength to be a durable piece of jewelry.
  2. Many Styles – Sterling silver rings come in many different styles from simple to intricate and ornate. Promise rings can also be chosen from a line of sterling silver fashion rings and for good reason, they look great and fit the personality, and personal style of the person wearing the ring.
  3. Affordable – Sterling silver is the most affordable precious metal and yet still retains its value. Most people choosing a promise ring are doing so because they want to show their commitment to their girlfriend but are not ready emotionally or financially to take the plunge into getting an engagement ring.  It is perfectly acceptable to give a sterling silver ring to show your love and commitment and not have to break the bank or place the purchase on a credit card and make payments for several months.  Rings from many jewelers can set you back hundreds of dollars and even thousands with a simple stone set into it, avoid this with a sterling silver ring.  While you would never want to lose a special ring like a promise ring, engagement ring or wedding band, if you do need to replace one a sterling silver option is always going to be easier on the wallet than a yellow or white gold ring.
  4. Durable – Sterling silver is a durable metal and is perfect for a ring. They do not get damaged easily and retain their brilliant shine and luster for a long time. 
  5. Simple Maintenance – Sterling silver is extremely easy to take care of. There are many different methods for keeping pieces of sterling silver jewelry in tip top shape that you can do at home.  Instead of needing to pay money at a specialized jewelry store to get the ring polished and shining if it gets dull or dinged up.  The methods for cleaning sterling silver at home all use simple ingredients that can be found in most kitchens and utility closets along with a couple clean cloths and warm water. 

A promise ring stands for being thoughtful and loving towards your special person and much more romantic than some flowers and a card.  They are a commitment to be together and avoid dating and seeing other people.  They are an excellent way to give a token to forever to your future spouse. Give a promise ring now to allow yourself time to look at all the available engagement rings and wedding ring sets to find the perfect rings for her.

Look through our wonderful options of sterling silver rings if you are looking for a promise ring and start getting ideas for what that perfect engagement ring or wedding set will look like.  Have fun with the promise ring and make it a special occasion but remember don’t get on one knee because she will be thinking its an engagement and not just a promise.

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