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5 Rings for Women with Colorful Gemstones

Justin Grainger

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The following list are the 5 most popular rings for women that include a beautiful and colorful gemstone.  Cubic Zirconia rings are popular due to their characteristics that are so like diamonds.  However, there are many other gems that can be set on a ring.  While the brilliant clear sparkle is timeless, and most engagement rings comply and are set with this type of stone.  For the women that likes to be bold, different, and go against the grain, there are many options available such as amethysts rings, or options like a citrine ring, garnet ring, and topaz ring.  These rings generally will not come in a set and so you should plan on purchasing an engagement ring and wedding band that matches the general look and style.  On the hand, many people choose to use these gemstones for rings for anniversary gifts and other occasions, or simply to be fashionable and have a ring that matches the outfit for the day.

Let us learn a little bit about these other popular gemstones that match perfectly with sterling silver rings.

  1. Amethyst Rings

Amethyst is always a popular choice especially when set on a sterling silver ring.  The deep purple coloration has deep meanings for many people and has lots of historical and religious symbolism associated with it.  We currently offer a 925 sterling silver rhodium finish CZ pave anniversary ring.  This special ring is adorned with cubic zirconia and the simulated amethyst center stone and CZ totals to 1 ¾ carats.  If your spouse loves to wear purple this is an excellent option for a 17th anniversary present, but if they really love purple you don’t have to wait that long and can make this a special birthday present or just to share your love on a random day.


  1. Citrine Ring

A genuine citrine ring is an affordable option to add a little color to a sterling silver ring.  We offer several different styles and options including 1 and 3 stones set into the ring.  A favorite of many people purchasing a citrine ring for anniversary present is the 925 Sterling Silver platinum finish citrine ring with a 1 carat stone, with a heart shape cut.  A style that is sure to impress is the 925 sterling silver platinum finish genuine citrine ring with a large 2 carat emerald cut center stone that brings out the colorful yellow tones in genuine citrine rings.

  1. Topaz Ring

Topaz is a special gemstone and radiates an aquamarine like blue coloration.  These rings have a soft and elegant look to them due to the subdued nature of topaz.  A very popular topaz ring is the 924 sterling silver platinum finish genuine topaz ring with a 2 ½ carat of a pear cut stone adorned with a series of surrounding cubic zirconia stones.  With the rhodium finish on this sterling silver ring it will sparkle and pop when shined in the light, but always be a little unique due to the topaz blue colors.

  1. Garnet Ring

Garnet is one of the most bold and striking gemstones that you can select.  The deep red color stands out from the bright shiny ring.  Red has been a symbolic color of love for all of time and giving a garnet ring is always a top choice for a birthday gift or a anniversary ring. It is the recommended if you plan on giving a series of anniversary rings to your loved one that you select the garnet ring on the 2nd anniversary.  We also offer a garnet ring with a heart shaped stone the number one style for an anniversary ring with a garnet gemstone.

  1. Sapphire ring

Last but certainly not least of the most popular colorful gemstones for a sterling silver ring is a ring with a simulated sapphire.  This gemstone is a deep and rich blue and is best when in a large stone such as the options we have available.  Sapphire is big and bold and should be so when set on a ring.  This is the kind of stone that will turn heads and sure to be a conversation piece when given as an engagement ring. The 925 sterling silver simulated sapphire ring with a 3.5 carat of stones is a giant sterling silver cocktail ring designed for fashionable women that want to show it off.

We hope you enjoy looking through our collection of rings by center stone and can find something special and unique for your next gift.

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