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6 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Sterling Silver Ring?

Justin Grainger

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Looking for engagement rings, wedding rings, or maybe promise rings, or just fashion rings to wear with a special outfit or for a special occasion?  So many people immediately start their search with yellow or white gold and immediately get disappointed in the available options with their budget.  Skipping over sterling silver is a big mistake.  This shiny precious metal is a very versatile option that is still strong and durable, but soft enough to be personalized with engravings or molded into a ring with special designs.  Whether you are getting a ring to add to an existing jewelry collection or seeking out the perfect ring for a proposal sterling silver rings should be in the mix when making the right decision.


6 Reasons Sterling Silver Should Not Be Overlooked

  1. It’s a precious metal. Just like gold, platinum, and palladium it is a precious metal that will hold value.  Sterling silver specifically is an allow metal meaning that it is a combination of two metals.  The 925 stamped on each individual piece of sterling silver denotes that the piece is made of 92.5% silver and the additional metal included is generally copper.  A pure silver metal ring is too soft for making jewelry that will last, so sterling silver is the preferred method for a silver piece of jewelry.
  2. Shiny finish. Our sterling silver rings get a special finish of rhodium which makes the ring resistant to tarnishing and gives it a brilliant shiny finish. Rhodium is close to platinum and when applied to the surface of a sterling silver ring as a coating it gives the high glossy shine that everyone is seeking in their ring along with helping it maintain this luster and beauty for years to come.
  3. It can be worn daily. Due to the metal alloy components sterling silver is an exceptionally durable metal.  Whenever you see that 925 stamp on a silver colored ring you can rest assured that the ring will be able to worn on a daily basis making it a great candidate for engagement rings or wedding bands.
  4. Sterling silver rings come in a large range of sizes and styles. Due to the malleability of silver, it is possible for jewelers to create rings with any type of design.  Sterling silver rings can be created to have exceptionally fine ornate elements in the design, engraved and molded to fit the unique look that you are seeking.  It also holds up well when created into thin and elegant rings that will fit the smaller hands and fingers of some wearers.  Making this a precious metal that can be fit on any person’s hand big or small.
  5. Cleaning is straightforward. Many people get concerned with cleaning their own jewelry which increases the lifetime cost of owning jewelry.  If you must take it into the shop every time you want it cleaned that takes time to get it there and pick it up along with any fees that they may charge for the service.  You can purchase tarnish removal products at most stores that will state right on the front label that they are bleach and ammonia free silver polishes.  These can be used with a nonabrasive cloth such as a microfiber cloth to bring back any shine that might have tarnished.
  6. They are affordable. Sterling silver rings are the most affordable rings of all the precious metals.  Many couples go into serious debt during while executing their perfect wedding and a big part of this ends up being the cost of an engagement ring and wedding ring.  Avoid this costly purchase by selecting an amazing sterling silver ring with or without a gemstone and save your money for the perfect wedding ceremony, honeymoon, or down payment for a house.  Starting a new chapter in your life with a huge amount of credit card debt is no good way to start your life together. 

Take a look through our catalog of sterling silver rings and find the right ring for you and your spouse. 

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