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A Guide for Men’s Rings

Justin Grainger

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Most men will only ever wear one ring in their life.  Furthermore, they may even only wear their wedding ring for special dates and occasions.  On the other hand, some men enjoy wearing jewelry and will have several rings for men to choose from to wear on any given day.  Aside from wedding bands other popular Mens rings included commemorative rings from a sports team, a class ring from school or fashion rings that signify their wealth or prestige. However, it is safe to assume that most men will only wear a wedding band.

Selecting a Mens Ring

While there are countless styles available when it comes to rings for men, the most popular tend to be simple.  Many men do not like the flashy appearance of overly decorative rings.  Not to mention that men that work with their hands or use a keyboard to type regularly may find a bulky ring cumbersome and gets in the way of them doing their job.  Many guys are also fearful of loosing an expensive ring while they are working or having fun with their friends.  Keeping all of this in mind is important when selecting the right mens ring for a wedding band.  Simple almost always rules out over ornate and complex. 

While some men may enjoy the extra flashy design, they tend to be in the minority of wedding band shoppers.  Rings can be viewed as overly feminine when they have intricate designs, are embedded with gems, or are made thin.  Western men tend to prefer plain bands or if a design is included it may be a simple emblem or crest symbol with special meaning to their family. 

Popular Metals for Mens Rings

The most popular choices for sterling silver rings and titanium rings for men tend to have a little bit of weight to them yet are not designed to catch eyes and be flashy. 

Sterling silver is the most affordable precious metal and is much easier on your budget than a typical white gold ring.  People rarely tell the difference between a white gold ring and a sterling silver ring with a rhodium finish when looking at your hand.  Sterling silver is still very durable, and it is easy to maintain and keep clean so it looks good for a lifetime.  Sterling silver rings are a perfect match for men that like to wear a silver watch or have silver belt buckles and want to keep a consistent look across their accessories.

Titanium rings have become extremely popular over the last 20 years and more and more men are choosing this metal for their ring.  Titanium is the strongest metal available for rings.  It has many qualities that are desirable for men that work with their hands and do not want a ring that can be easily damaged.  Titanium keeps its polish and shine very well and does not require much effort to keep looking great.  Titanium rings come in a silver finish but can also come in a black finish which has a unique look that may fit your personal style better than a typical silver ring.

Affordable Mens Rings

One of the big benefits of sterling silver rings for men is that they are affordable.  Due to this fact it gives you a little bigger budget to spend on choosing from a bigger selection of wedding ring sets.  Most men do not mind having a few extra dollars to spend on their ladies’ ring as that is an especially important element of any engagement and wedding.  Most girls will be asked to show off their ring to all their family and friends and want to share pictures on social media.  By using your budget on the women’s ring instead of a more expensive ring for the man it can be a better use of your budgets.

Buying a Mens Ring

Know what your budget is for the wedding band that you want to buy.  Pick the type of metal that you want to have and think about whether you want to have a creative design or a classic simple look.  Look through our catalogue of rings for men and find the perfect match for your budget and style.


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