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Amethyst Rings: A Deeper Meaning

Justin Grainger


 Amethyst Rings, Sterling Silver Rings, Fashion Rings

Amethyst is a purple variation of quartz that is prized in many ancient cultures and has deeper meanings and religious undertones for many individuals that enjoy wearing an amethyst ring.  Amethyst is also the birthstone for the month of February so a popular choice for anyone born during this month.  Currently mined in abundance in Brazil, at one point in time Amethyst was considered rare and special and loved for its uniquely deep rich purple color.  Now that it is found in great abundance coupled with a sterling silver band, Genuine Amethyst Rings are affordable and attainable by all.  It was considered as special as diamonds, sapphires, rubys, and emeralds until the vast deposits of the gemstone were discovered in South America.

Amethyst Rings are Special

It has a special shine and being made of quartz, it is hard enough to be jeweled and works well embedded into all kinds of sterling silver rings.   Amethyst stones can come in a variety of shades of color with more intense colorations due to increased levels of iron in the gemstone and deeper colors of purple due to the level of manganese in the stone.  They can make for incredibly rich looking Fashion Rings or something even more meaningful.

An amethyst ring is said to be able to bring serenity, hormone balance, detoxification, reduce stress and anxiety, and help with many physical issues.  Amethyst is one of the gemstones that has a rich and deep history and a special place in many religions and cultures around the world.

Amethyst Gemstones & Amethyst Rings in History

Amethyst as a gemstone was used by the ancient Eqyptians thought to be worn in the form of amulets for protection in the afterlife. 

The Greeks believed that an amethyst gemstone could prevent intoxication, which coincidentally is where the name of the gem comes from.  The ancient Greeks were known to wear amethyst and even had entire cups carved of the material with the thought that it would prevent the wearer or user from becoming drunk.  Like many things the Romans copied from the Greeks, they too believed that they would be protected from drunkenness by drinking from a vessel made of Amethyst.

The color purple has been connected to Christianity and thus many Christians see the deep color purple as a symbol of Jesus and the suffering and agony endured during the crucifixion.  Amethyst was also revered in Judaism as a dream stone, causing deep meaningful dreams in the wearer and it also symbolized one of the 12 tribes of Israel. 

The color purple has long been associated with royalty and Amethyst is embedded into the British crowns for the royal family.  Catherine the great of Russia, also had a deep love of the color purple and utilized the amethyst gemstone in many of her most prized jewels including a amethyst rings.

Tibetan Buddhists may use a Amethyst Mala Bracelet with the belief that it is possible to activate and balance the 6th Chakra and used during meditation rituals to stay grounded and cure impatience.

More recently individuals interested in the powers of crystals and other new age beliefs see the amethyst as a special stone exuding powers that can help you every day.  Wearing amethyst rings can bring spiritual protection and purification and cleanse your personal energy field from all the negative influences that may try and disrupt your day.  Amethyst gemstones are thought to be able to provide a shield around the body and protect you and keep you stress free.

Amethyst Rings Perfect Purple Fashion Accessory

Aside from all the deeper meanings of an amethyst ring due to their affordability, if you love the color purple you should have an amethyst ring to accent the purple clothes in your wardrobe.  Sterling Silver Rings with Amethyst can be the perfect fashion accessory for anybody that enjoys wearing black and enjoys the darker things in life. 

While the Greeks may have thought they wouldn’t get intoxicated by wearing an amethyst ring your mileage may vary.

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