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Anniversary Rings are a Special Gift Consider a Garnet Ring for the 2nd Anniversary

Justin Grainger

 Garnet Ring, Anniversary Rings, Sterling Silver Rings

A sterling silver genuine garnet ring is a special way to celebrate a 2nd wedding anniversary and build your loved ones special anniversary rings collection.  Sterling silver rings are an excellent base for a luxurious garnet red gemstone.  The deep red coloration of garnets makes them a very unique gemstone with a look like no other.  These gemstones can vary in color from a deep ruby red to a lighter smokey brown.  Getting their name from the pomegranate fruit due to its similarity to the rich color of the pomegranate’s seeds.  A garnet ring works equally as well as a birthday present for someone born in January due to the garnet being the January birthstone as it does as part of an anniversary rings collection for the 2nd anniversary.

History of the Garnet Ring

Getting its name from the Latin word “Garanatus” which means “like a seed” it is assumed that this is a reference to the Pomegranate fruit which has large pods filled with tiny reddish colored seeds.  Garnets have a rich history and have been found in jewelry that dates as far back as 3000BC.  The garnet was heavily mined in historical times in the Bohemia near the modern-day Czech Republic.  Popular across medieval Europe Anglo-Saxon sites have been uncovered with garnet rings and jewels and they maintained popularity through the Victorian times on into the present.

Garnet Stone Details

A garnet is a simple name for a group of silicate minerals: pyrope, grossular, almandine, spessartine, andradite, Mozambique, and uvarovite, meaning it is not a single mineral like other gemstones.  Thes various minerals provides all have the same similar crystal and formation structure creating the similar but unique garnets from across the many countries it is mined.  All this considered the garnet is actually a very durable gemstone and it rates a 7 to 7.5 on the hardness scale.  This is why we have been able to find it in many ancient sites as the material is hard enough to withstand the wear of history making it an excellent choice for a family heirloom to pass on to future generations.

While there are many variations of garnet outlined above currently one of the most popular sources and types of garnets is the Mozambique variety.  Found in this East African country they are an excellent quality gemstone and have a very lush and rich red coloration that is second to none.

Garnet Rings Age Well

Sterling silver rings are simple and easy to maintain and so are garnet gemstones.  They are simple to clean with a soft brush and like warm water with a little dab of soap.  After cleaning it is highly recommended that you rinse the stone well after washing it to rid it from any soap suds.  If your garnet ring is very dirty it is possible to take the ring to a professional jeweler and they can perform an ultrasonic treatment to remove any crud from the ring that a good wash with soap and water can not resolve.

Garnets Set in Sterling Silver Rings

The 925 Sterling Silver Platinum Finish Genuine Garnet Ring with 3ct is a great affordable option with a brilliantly shining rhodium finish to this Giovani styled ring to give the allure of platinum with 3 luxurious 1 ct. garnets set into the middle.  The 925 Sterling Silver Platinum Finish Genuine Garnet Ring with 1ct. is a more conservative version of this same ring with a single garnet set in the middle.

Both garnet ring options will make for a great gift for your loved one on your second wedding anniversary.  Following the anniversary rings guide makes it simple to never forget the perfect gift for your spouse each year and over time builds them an incredibly beautiful and special collection of jewelry that is a celebration of your love.

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