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Anniversary Rings: Find the Perfect Topaz Ring

Justin Grainger



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Consider getting your special loved one a wedding anniversary gift each year by creating a collection of anniversary rings and fill their jewelry box with all the pretty gemstones and precious metals from around the world.  A blue topaz ring is listed in the anniversary gemstone guide for the ring to give to celebrate the 4th and 19th years of marriage.  Blue topaz is a hardy gemstone that comes in several shades of blue from light color aqua blue to dark deep and vibrant blue colorations.  A blue topaz ring has long been associated with love and affection and considered an excellent option to give for an anniversary.  Of course even if it is not the 4th or 19th anniversary a genuine topaz ring is always considered a perfect selection for anniversary rings to celebrate your love for your spouse.

The topaz gemstone is the birthstone for the month of December so an excellent selection for any special loved one with a birthday during the month of December.  Historically topaz was considered a very rare stone and remained so until large discoveries of the stone were found in mines in Brazil.  Now topaz is quite affordable allowing everyone to enjoy the beauty of this precious stone. 

Topaz Ring Colorations

While the most well-known color for topaz is blue, it is one of the gemstones that can come in a wide range of colors from colorless, to pink, blue, and even yellow variations.  This variety of color means you can find a topaz ring to truly fit the style and personality of your loved one.   Over the years as this gemstone has become more popular and widespread the gem has been treated to increase the supply or more vibrant colorations.  There is no way to tell the difference between treated and untreated topaz and the industry considers this practice legitimate.  There is no synthetic manufacturing of topaz, however some stones are irradiated with gamma rays to turn the colorless topaz into natural blue colorations.  This has brought the price of colored topaz down considerably and means that your options for anniversary rings made of topaz in the price range you are looking for is excellent.

Additional Qualities of Topaz

  • Topaz is a hard gemstone, rating as an 8 on the hardness scale
  • Deeper blues which are often referred to as the London or Swiss blue are the versions most often caused by irradiation.
  • High cleavage which in mineralogy means that it is often easily split along the structural planes of the crystal. This means it requires careful handling when the stone is cut and polished during the jeweler’s processes.
  • However, it is very easy to keep clean once set in jewelry. Simply cleaning with warm soapy water and never using an ultrasonic cleaner or steamer will keep your simulated topaz ring clean and last forever looking perfect.

Popular Anniversary Rings with Topaz

  • 925 Sterling Silver Platinum Finish Genuine Topaz Ring with Emerald Cut – 2ct. This highly polished sterling silver ring is set with a beautiful and large topaz gemstone.
  • 925 Sterling Silver Platinum Finish Genuine Topaz Ring – 1 ct. This is a simple and elegant Giovani styled ring with a heart shaped genuine topaz 1 carat center stone that looks stunning.
  • 925 Sterling Silver Platinum Finish Genuine Topaz with ¾ carat topaz is a high end looking designer ring. Adorned with three stars with a topaz stone in the center of each.

It’s never to late to start a tradition

Even if you are late to starting to give anniversary rings to your wife it is never to late to start.  A topaz ring is the perfect gemstone to give for your next wedding anniversary.  It means love and affection and is a unique option that will show that you spent the extra effort looking for the right gift.  A sterling silver topaz ring will be something that she can wear for any occasion and even daily use and remember the love for her that you have. 


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