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Benefits of Choosing a Men’s Titanium Ring

Justin Grainger


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 More and more men are choosing a titanium ring over gold, silver, platinum or other alternatives.  There are many benefits of choosing these type of wedding rings for men.  They are durable, affordable, and now come in a wide array of styles to fit every man.  The only downside of picking titanium over a silver, gold, or platinum alternative is that they are very difficult to resize, however all of the benefits outweigh this one draw back.

 10 Reasons to Choose a Men’s Titanium Ring

  • Affordable

A common misconception regarding titanium rings is that they are expensive.  Some people even think they are as expensive as a platinum ring.  This is just not the case. A titanium ring is 100% titanium so the manufacturers avoid expensive processes adding other metal alloys that increase the cost in producing rings made from precious metals.  They often are cheaper than comparable sized rings in silver, gold, or platinum.  If you are on a tight budget they are the perfect option.

  • Do not corrode or rust

They will last a lifetime. You will never need to take your men’s titanium ring to be polished, saving you even more money down the line.  It will always maintain its shine.

  • Lightweight

Titanium is lightweight so if you are not used to wearing a ring it won’t weigh down your hand. Titanium is commonly used to manufacture airplane parts due to its strength and lightweight nature.  Titanium is one of the lightest weight materials used in jewelry.  If you were to wear a gold ring on one hand and a titanium on the other it would be noticeably different.

  • Hypoallergenic

Titanium is a pure metal and not mixed with any other alloys that cause a negative allergic reaction in some people.  If you have sensitive skin then selecting titanium wedding rings should be high on your list.

  • Customizable finish

It is possible to get a customizable finish to any titanium ring by bringing it to a local jeweler that is proficient in adjusting rings.

  • Gemstones can be set

It is possible to have gemstones set in a titanium ring, so if you really want a ring with the beauty of a series of diamonds that is a possibility.

  • Resistant to wear

Due to the inherent qualities of titanium they will last a lifetime without all the fuss of polishing and careful care to keep them looking pristine.  They are also resistant to scratches and all of the normal wear and tear that will wear down a gold ring over time.  Try our Indestructible Titanium Ring.

  • Styled to meet your taste

Titanium rings have the unique advantage over other metals in that they can come in a variety of styles and colors.  If you want a black colored black wedding band, then picking one made of titanium is the right choice.

  • Stronger

These rings are nearly indestructible.  While gold is known for its softness, which will wear down, can bend or even break, a titanium ring never will

  • Can be engraved

Despite being stronger than other rings and resistant to all the typical wear and tear that can damage a wedding band, they can still be engraved.  If you want to put you and your loved ones initials on the inside of your ring it is a simple process most jewelers will be capable of doing for you.


Get a ring that will last a lifetime.  When choosing mens rings, choose a Titanium Ring and have the confidence to wear it doing whatever you enjoy.  You won’t damage it and if the worst were to happen and you lose it, they are much more affordable than the alternatives.

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