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Best Places to Hide That Ring on Christmas Morning

Justin Grainger

christmas gift rings

Are you planning a Christmas morning engagement? If so, you may have the ring all ready to go - or, you might still be shopping for engagement rings. Maybe you’re planning on chilling some champagne on Christmas Eve, and preparing to FaceTime family who live far away. But with all of the preparations you’ve done, have you considered where you’ll hide the ring yet? If not, it’s time to start brainstorming - where the ring will go is one of the most important parts of making your holiday engagement dreams come true!


Here are some of our favorite ideas for hiding spots…


Classic Stocking

 If you’re sneaky and you can stay up late on Christmas Eve, you can slip the ring into your partner’s stocking. Of course, you won’t be able to do much else the next morning as you wait for the big reveal. An alternative that gives you a little more lead time is hiding the ring in your own stocking instead. This will also surprise your partner that much more: once they’ve gotten to the bottom of their stocking and found nothing surprising, they’ll let down their guard. This is especially helpful if you think they might suspect the proposal, but you’re going for a totally unexpected moment. Just think: the morning excitement is winding down, when you “realize” there’s still something at the bottom of your stocking…and the rest is family history.


In Santa’s Toy Bag

 One way you can go all out is to dress the part on Christmas morning. Say you’re planning to dress up as Santa Claus, and pass out presents to your loved ones. You could hide the ring in your Santa bag, which is just part of your costume - so your partner certainly won’t suspect. If you’re really smooth you can pass out all the other gifts first, saving the best for last.


At the End of a Scavenger Hunt

 There are all different ways you could go with this. You can get creative based on your soon-to-be fiancé’s interests and what you love about them. You can customize it as much as you want. This approach also tips your partner off to the idea that a proposal might be about to go down, so if they’re not so good with complete surprises this could be an ideal approach. You could even give hints that are directly related to engagement or to your relationship at each stage of the hunt.


Someplace They’ll Never Look

 Maybe you’re already engaged, but you’re looking for a way to commemorate an engaged Christmas. Or maybe you are celebrating an anniversary soon. You can join in on the fun of a Christmas morning surprise, too! With rings for men and women rings, as well as our unisex rings collection, we’ve got the perfect ring for your partner, no matter who they are. And you know even better than us where they’re sure not to look for a ring. If you can keep it hidden between now and Christmas, your partner will be genuinely swept off their feet!

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