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Choosing Sterling Silver Rings vs. Gold Rings

Justin Grainger

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When looking for the perfect wedding rings many people immediately think they must purchase a gold ring.  That is not the case.  There are many wonderful options to choose from when looking at sterling silver rings.  Many different engagement rings and wedding rings come in sterling silver and provide several advantages over classic yellow gold or white gold rings.

Before you make a quick purchase and go for the traditional yellow / white gold rings take a look at the following benefits of a sterling silver ring.

Differences between Sterling Silver Rings and Gold

Sterling Silver Rings

  • Most affordable precious metal
  • Exceptionally beautiful with luster and shine, especially when provided a rhodium finish
  • Excellent fashion rings material due to affordability
  • Silver is not hypoallergenic and may cause a skin reaction to people with sensitive skin.
  • Softer than white and yellow gold
  • Tarnishes, but responds well to at home maintenance and it is recommended to provide routine cleaning to keeps its luster and shine.

Gold Rings

  • More expensive, bigger price moves as the price of gold changes
  • Offer a very reflective shine.
  • White gold wedding bands are considered the normal contemporary choice.
  • White gold is not hypoallergenic, and it is known to cause skin reactions among people with allergies to metals.
  • When the rhodium finish wears from a white gold ring, it can be costly to repair and requires the ring being taken to a jeweler.

If you are deadest on a yellow gold ring, but like the affordability of the sterling silver options.  Consider one of the beautiful gold plated rings that are available in both engagement ring and wedding band styles.  This can be a nice compromise as the cost is not much more for the plating than a regular sterling silver ring.  If you are looking for a special gold plated ring to give to your spouse when you propose, the 14kt Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Ring with 1 ½ ct Cubic Zirconium ring is a perfect option and comes with a matching wedding band with exquisite detail in the design.

While many people think a gold ring is synonymous with a wedding ring that simply is not true.  As gold is much more expensive and traditionally a rarer precious metal than silver, silver rings have long been a standard for wedding bands for both men and women.  Throughout history sterling silver rings have always been a sizeable percentage of rings exchanged on that special day.

Sterling silver rings are an excellent choice when you want to have a ring that has intricate designs around the band.  Due to the lower cost and the very malleable nature of silver many jewelers enjoy working with the material to produce beautiful creations.  This has also made sterling silver the preferred precious metal for fashion rings.  It is possible for a person to quickly build a large collection of sterling silver rings with different gemstones and designs to match their mood and attire.  On the other hand in order to have a handful of gold rings, you will likely have to fork over a small fortune and then be concerned about keeping your investment secure and safe instead of enjoying them and wearing them.

Take the time to look at all your options.  Some Jewelers may not even offer wedding bands or engagement rings in sterling silver as they want to steer you towards the more expensive yellow and white gold options that put more profit in their pocket.  Compare the differences and think about what makes the most sense for your personal situation and pick a ring that you will love and enjoy wearing and maybe not break the bank at the same time.

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