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Cutting Edge Cuts: A Guide

Justin Grainger

center stone cut guide


You want to change up your jewelry life, but you’re not sure how. Every time you go shopping for new pieces or browse different center stone and cut options online, you just get overwhelmed. Maybe you deliberate over your options for minutes on end, only to give up and feel like you wasted your time. It’s easy to stay in the same rut month after month and year after year with jewelry. And to a certain extent, you do want pieces that last - but you don’t want to limit your options. You just need to understand what your options are so you can choose the perfect pieces to expand your collection and evolve your style. We’ve got answers for you. Below is a quick guide to some of the less conventional cuts available for your next jewelry acquisition.



 The baguette cut ring is often used as an accent stone cut, instead of for center stones. It is long and rectangular with 14 facets. The baguette cut can still be the star of the ring, especially when several baguette cut stones are set into one ring, like in our 925 Sterling Silver Tripple Eternity Ring. The baguette cut is not to be confused with the emerald cut.



 The emerald cut ring is also long and rectangular, but its sides are not as dramatically different in length as in the baguette cut. It also has between 50 and 58 facets rather than only 14, making it an ideal candidate to be a center stone. The emerald cut stone is quite versatile. It can be situated atop the ring either horizontally, as in our 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Finish Emerald Cut Fashion Anniversary Ring, or vertically, as in our 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Finish CZ Emerald Cut Three Stone Engagement Set Ring. It can also suit a variety of center stones, from CZ to amethyst to citrine.



 The heart shape cut ring is easy to remember, because of its name. The heart cut is ideal as a center stone, because it creates a unique style and looks great with other smaller stones set around it. Our heart ring collection provides a variety of different center stone options so you can choose your favorite color.



 The marquise cut ring has 58 facets, making it another ideal candidate for a center stone. The marquise shape is not as iconic as the princess or brilliant cuts, but in some ways it is more memorable. The marquise is rather like an elongated oval, with points at either end. It has endured as a popular choice for rings for hundreds of years, as it originated in the 18th century.



 Like the heart, the oval center stone cut is also easy to remember, as it is shaped like its name. The oval cut is perfect for rings that feature more than one center stone, like our 925 Sterling Silver Platinum Finish Genuine Citrine Ring with three center oval cut stones, or our 925 Sterling Silver Platinum Finish Genuine Topaz Ring, with three diagonally placed topaz ovals stunningly contrasted by smaller CZ stones.


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