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Doing the Math: Why it Makes Sense to Go with Cubic Zirconia Rings

Justin Grainger

Cubic Zirconia Rings Math


Ever admired someone’s engagement ring or wedding ring as you passed them by, and thought to yourself, “I wonder if that’s real diamond, or cubic zirconium?” Probably not. What you noticed was the sparkle, the shape, the way the center stone was set - whatever it was that made the ring stand out to you. The truth is, you don’t need a diamond engagement ring to turn heads. And, cubic zirconia rings have many benefits in addition to being exponentially more affordable than diamonds. Here’s why.


More Friendly for the Environment

 We’ve all heard the horror stories about diamond mining and unsafe, unethical practices. No matter how beautiful they are, real diamonds carry a stigma about them that is hard to shake off. By choosing cubic zirconium, you can feel proud of the ring on your finger not only for the commitment to your partner it symbolizes but also your choice of a center stone that doesn’t have a dubious origin story.


You Can Wear it Anywhere

 The problem with a diamond ring is that though it’s very beautiful, you’ll find yourself squirreling it away in a travel safe or putting it away in its case at home more often than not. Rings are meant for wearing! With cubic zirconium you don’t have to worry about not putting the ring in chlorine, or salt water, or having it fall off somewhere. Not only are cubic zirconium rings hardy and resistant to damage, they’re also easily replaceable.


You’ll Save So Much Money

 Cubic zirconium rings will range in price from $30-$100. But a diamond ring of the same size and style could cost you upwards of $3,000! Just think of all the other ways you could put that money to good use - toward a car, a house, an amazing tropical vacation. And, you can still do all of those things with a gorgeous ring on your finger. Take the leap for cubic zirconia - or another of our favorite diamond alternatives, armalique ring - today.


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