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Gold Plated Rings with Sterling Silver for Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

Justin Grainger

Gold Plated Rings, Sterling Silver Rings, Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings

Are you looking for an affordable option for engagement rings or wedding rings, but want the traditional look of a yellow gold ring?  You should consider one of our designer styled gold plated rings. 

A gold plated surface delivers the classic wedding ring appearance at just slightly above the cost of sterling silver rings. They give the immediate impression of high end luxury jewelry and come in many different styles and designs found in high end rings.   Gold plated rings are the perfect solution for individuals looking for the gold look, but staying within a low cost budget.  Gold plating is done by using electricity or chemicals to add a very thin layer of gold to the sterling silver ring base.  This electrical or chemical process adds 1/1000 to 3/1000 of an inch of gold to the base metal underneath allowing you to have the appearance of gold at a price slightly more than sterling silver.

Benefits of Gold Plated Rings

  1. Real Gold Appearance

Due to the thin outer coating of gold that is added during the plating process gold plated rings have the luxurious appearance of a solid yellow gold ring.  You can wear this ring out on the town and do any activities and not be afraid of losing a ring worth hundred or thousands of dollars.

  1. Affordability

Costing around $50 a set of engagement rings or wedding rings with gold plated is only slightly more expensive than other sterling silver rings.  Paired with a cubic zirconia stone and you do not have to break the bank to give your loved one a special ring that shines.

  1. Fashionable

The thin layer of gold gives these rings a shine and beauty that will be the perfect match for your any outfit. 

  1. Very Durable and Strong

One of the biggest selling points for gold plated rings over traditional yellow or white gold besides the price is the fact that they are stronger and more durable than a solid gold ring.  Gold is well known as being a soft and malleable precious metal.  A solid 24 karat gold ring is actually very soft, much softer than even a 14 karat gold ring.  This softness leads to wear and dings that can damage the ring and its appearance over time leading to costly repairs that only a skilled jeweler can perform.

  1. Designer Styles

Due to their affordability you can splurge on a style that is in trend today and will be the perfect ring for a special occasion even if it will not be worn every day or for the life of the owner.  Design styles come and go and so using an affordable option like gold plated rings lets the wearer have more options in the jewelry box instead of just a single ring.  Build a collection of fashion rings made with gold plating to match all your moods and styles at a fraction of the cost of a single solid gold ring.

Negatives of Gold Plated Rings

There are a few downsides to gold plated rings, but for the price these are issues that can be overcome.

  1. Minimal Gold

The plating process does keep the actual amount of gold to a small amount.

  1. Scratch or Chip

The thin gold shell can be damaged when scrapped hard against rough surfaces.

  1. Can’t Be Worn in Water

These types rings don’t do well with extended exposure to water so are best taken off before showering or going for a swim.

  1. Tarnishes

They can tarnish, but this is always something that can be cleaned and polished at home on an as needed basis.


Consider gold plated rings such as our 14kt Gold Plated Sterling Silver Ring with 2ct. of Cubic Zirconia stones in the beautiful Giovani style or the 14kt Gold Plated Sterling Silver Ring with 2.5ct. of Cubic Zirconia stones in the exquisite Cynthia style.  The former is under $60 and the later is under $40 making them very affordable gold plated rings that are perfect as engagement rings or wedding rings.


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