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Have You Considered a Simulated Sapphire Gemstone with a Sterling Silver Ring

Justin Grainger




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A simulated sapphire gemstone is an excellent way to adorn anniversary rings or wedding rings for the special person in your life that wants a rare look instead of the typical diamond gemstone.  The rich blue color in a sapphire or simulated sapphire gemstone when fixed to a ring provides a rare appearance not seen in the typical rings for special occasions.  A simulated sapphire ring is perfect for the 5th year anniversary as sapphire is the stone designated for giving as a gift to your loved one for this year.  Sapphire is the birthstone for the month of September and a simulated sapphire ring is an excellent choice for a loved one born in the ninth month of the year.

What is Simulated Sapphire

A simulated sapphire stone is made in a lab using materials and chemicals to create the stone that has the same appearance as naturally created sapphire.  A simulated sapphire stone has a different chemical make up than a natural sapphire, but it contains all the beauty of a sapphire gemstone in color and appearance at a fraction of the cost.  Naturally occurring sapphires must be mined causing real damage to the environment and miners doing the back-breaking work for little pay.  Most of the sapphires in the world today are being mined in Sri Lanka on sites with extraordinarily little worker protections and care for the damage being done to the environment to extract the gems from the ground. However, a simulated sapphire stone with a sterling silver ring allows you to avoid being a willing participant in those bad practices.

The Meaning and History of Sapphire

Sapphires have been a prized gemstone for thousands of years and revered for their deep, rich blue colorations.  The word Sapphire comes from the Greek work “sapheiros” which literally mean blue.   The Ancient Greeks were known to wear a sapphire gemstone when meeting with the Oracle at Delphi Sapphire has been considered special by religious leaders and kings and queens over the years and even in modern times, as Prince Charles was known to have given a sapphire engagement ring to Lady Diana.

Sapphires have been referred to as a symbol of heaven, bringer of truth, protection over the innocent, and promotes good health for the wearer.  The sapphire is known to promote wisdom and spiritual truth for the wearer. 

2 Beautiful Simulated Sapphire Sterling Silver Rings

The 925 Sterling Silver Simulated Sapphire Ring contains a very prominent large center stone that is 3.5 carats of simulated sapphire.  The simulated sapphire stone is set into a sterling silver ring that contains a rhodium finish which gives it a real beautiful shine.  This high fashion sterling silver cocktail ring made for women.  This stylish ring is the perfect anniversary ring to be given for a 5th wedding anniversary.

The 925 Sterling Silver Simulated Sapphire Wedding Ring contains three separate stones two smaller ones and center stone.  Each stone is round and set into a rhodium finished sterling silver ring with the appearance and brilliance of platinum or white gold.  The three simulated sapphires equal 3.3 carats in total.  The ring has a classic vintage appearance and is an excellent choice for either an engagement ring or a wedding ring.

If you want to wow your special loved one with a unique ring, consider giving them a gif of a deep blue beautiful simulated sapphire ring set in a sterling silver ring.  Simulated sapphire allows you to give a gift that will impress without costing the fortune of a naturally mined sapphire.  By choosing simulated sapphire you are also making the right choice for the environment by avoiding being a part of the global gemstone market that often damages local environments and mistreats people.  While some people may view simulated gemstones as fake, they look great, they sparkle, and when set in a sterling silver ring with a rhodium finish, they are very hard to be mistaken for anything but the real thing.

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