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How to Get Your Partner’s Ring Size

Justin Grainger


Ring Size Measurement


Are you contemplating looking through hundreds, maybe thousands, of engagement rings? Getting cold feet just thinking about it? Maybe every time you think about it, you talk yourself out of it. You use justifications like “We haven’t traveled enough!” “I don’t have our parents’ blessing!” Or “I don’t know my partner’s ring size!” Or maybe you’re browsing online ring shops and blogs because you want to be proposed to, and you’re trying to figure out ways to talk with your partner without controlling the process. Well, we can take one thing off your list. Here are four strategies to take the stress off measuring your partner’s ring size - or if you’re waiting for a proposal, four things you can facilitate to make it easier on your significant other.


Measure Their Other Rings

 Ah yes, the tried and true secret measurement method. Does your partner own any rings similar to our Armalique Ring collection?  This works best if your partner wears rings often but removes them at night, or switches them out and leaves a set at home sometimes. You’ll also have to do some reconnaissance to figure out which rings are sized correctly to the ring finger. The easiest way to get ring size by measuring other rings is to take a piece of paper and trace the ring outline onto it - then flee! Now you’ve got all the time you need to measure the tracing.


Ask Their…

 Sister. Cousin. Mom. Friend. Frenemy. You can do this so easily now because technology is on your side. A simple text, Facebook message, or email will do the trick. Even if they don’t have the exact size, a relative who has a similar physical build to your fiance-to-be might be able to give you their ring size as a helpful comparison.



 The average ring size is between 5 and 7. If you guess, err on the larger side to make resizing easier. You can also take into account your partner’s height and weight. Or, if you’ve found the ring you know to be perfect, order it in a few different sizes. Our prices mean that won’t be cost prohibitive for you.


Go For It!

The most important thing about ring size measurement is not to let it psych you out. With engagements, it truly is the thought that counts. It isn’t the size of the ring your partner will remember or whether or not it fit perfectly. After all, resizing is common and with our site, reorders are easy. Sterling silver and diamond alternatives mean you can breathe a sigh of relief about the ring itself, and focus on enjoying the moment. When it comes to getting engaged, what matters is not the size. What matters is the intent behind your request. A ring is the perfect way to symbolize that intent, so choose the ring based on what your partner will love - and the size will be easy to sort out now, or later.  The best part, once you know her ring size, you can order one of our wedding ring sets, so you only have to find her size once!

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