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Order Now for a Valentine’s Day Engagement

Justin Grainger

Valentine's Day Engagement

Thinking of popping the question this February 14th? As an engagement anniversary, 02/14/2020 does have a nice “ring” to it. We say go for it! What if you don’t have a ring yet, you say? No problem. It’s not too late! With our engagement rings and sets you have plenty of options to get the perfect ring, and in plenty of time. As you start planning for your Valentine’s Day like no other, here are a few things to keep in mind…


Engagement Rings Come in All Shapes and Sizes

 Engagement rings are not all created in the cookie cutter image of the engagement ring emoji, and that’s a good thing! Here at sterlingsilverrings.com, we stock just about every center stone, from armalique rings or a beautiful garnet ring, center stone cut, from princess to pear, and style of ring you could imagine for a reason. That’s so you can pick exactly what your partner will love.


Engagement Rings Don’t Have to Break the Bank

 Say your partner doesn’t love the ring you got. You’re both thrilled that you popped the question and that you’re now embarking on this new journey together. But even with all of the effort and thought you put in to selecting the perfect ring, it’s just not quite right. And that’s OK! With our site, you can purchase rings that don’t break the bank, so if you have to come back to the drawing board after your partner said “yes,” it will be a fun activity you can do together. Log on to our website as a couple this time, without the pressure, and show your partner each of our engagement rings and some of our other collections, too.


Engagement Rings are a Symbol of Your Love For Each Other

 Thinking of skipping the whole engagement ring thing altogether. Maybe you and your partner have even discussed this very topic already, and decided not to get engagement rings. But this is something that might be worth reconsidering. Engagement rings are a tradition that has been around for a long time, to be sure, but it’s taken on a modern meaning. Engagement rings today are about love and commitment, that two partners have chosen to commemorate in an eventual marriage - but they want to enjoy the period of time between dating, and being married, too! The time in your life that you are engaged is special and fleeting. Often it’s less than a year! There are so many memories that you can build during this time, that won’t be quite like any other stage of life. And an engagement ring is a way to remember that time, anytime in the future. So leave room for this special tradition in your plans.

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