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Our Top 3 Center Stones for Holiday Ring Gifts

Justin Grainger


holiday ring gifts

This holiday season, you might be giving jewelry as a gift to more than one person on your list. Holiday jewelry isn’t just festive, it’s thoughtful as well. Or, you might be looking for the perfect way to treat yourself with a little something to give your holiday party outfit just a bit more sparkle. We love rotating through different center stones based on season or occasion, and some of our favorites are perfect for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or whatever holiday is your favorite this time of year. Here are our top three:


Genuine Garnet Ring

 A deep red stone in the center of many of our sterling and stainless rings brings a hue like no other to your holiday ensemble. Or, it’ll sparkle just right under the Christmas lights when your favorite person opens the little box beneath the tree. Garnets were practically tailormade for Christmas, with their classic color and the way they match your favorite holiday decor. Anyone opening a ring on Christmas with a Genuine Garnet Ring as the center stone is sure to break out in a grin from ear to ear. We think Santa would approve.


Simulated Sapphire Ring

 Is there anything more dramatic than a royal blue center stone? Sapphires look rare and expensive no matter what ring they’re set in. With our selection falling in a price range that’s perfect for gift giving, you can get that glamorous look in more than one ring if you want to. If you know someone with blue eyes, a sapphire ring is a perfect way to personalize your gift this holiday season - but we happen to love the way a Simulated Sapphire Ring looks on someone with brown, black, green, or hazel eyes too.


Genuine or Simulated Citrine Ring

 Citrine is a lesser known stone, but that doesn’t make it any less special than the classics. We think it’s perfect for the holiday season because it looks almost like translucent gold, and it will shine no matter where you are. Our citrine collection has a few options with both our Genuine Citrine Ring and Simulated Citrine Ring, so you have lots to choose from to find the perfect gift. You can go for something timeless, or have a little fun with an unconventional choice. Citrine is one of our most versatile center stones.


Garnet, Sapphire, and Citrine are Just the Beginning

 Still searching for that perfect center stone after reading all about these three? Maybe you’re the kind of person who wants to make sure you review all of your options before making a selection. We get it - that’s how we are, too. Head on over to our full list of Center Stones here, and let us know your top three.

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