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Picking a Center Cut Sone for Sterling Silver Rings

Justin Grainger

Sterling Silver Rings, Promise Rings, Anniversary Rings, Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, Fashion Rings

Sterling silver rings with the right center cut stone are perfect for any occasion.  Whether you are looking for promise rings, engagement rings, wedding rings, anniversary rings, rings with birthstones or even just fashion rings there are options for you.  There are many different styles of center cut stones  to match the personal fashion, and personal likes for the person that is receiving the ring. 

Pick the right center cut sone by following this guide to understand all the types of center cut stones that are available with sterling silver rings.  Sterling silver rings are an affordable option and when paired with one of these gems can fit.

  • Cubic Zirconia – Cubic Zirconia is an affordable why to add brilliance to any sterling silver ring. While mimicking diamonds brilliant shine CZ is a synthetic gemstone.   They are nearly indistinguishable from earth mined diamonds to the average persons eye. Cubic Zirconia when set onto sterling silver rings are the perfect choice for promise rings,  engagement rings, or wedding rings.
  • Armalique - The Armalique stone is specially crafted with radiance. If you are looking for a diamond that shines clearly in every faucet, look for an Armalique diamond. These are a timeless choice that will transcend the clarity of the stone and the exuberance of your beauty.
  • Faux Pearl – A faux pearl adds a level of elegance and beauty to a sterling silver ring. These simple adornments are imitations of real pearls.  An excellent option for a 3rd anniversary ring as a gift.
  • Genuine Amethyst – Genuine amethysts is one of the most popular gemstones in the world. Due to its luxurious purple color it is a popular choice for sterling silver fashion rings and is the right gemstone for a anniversary ring on your 17th
  • Genuine Citrine – Genuine citrine is a transparent, yellow variety of quartz that is very fashionable and unique. Citrine is the 13th anniversary gemstone if you are building your loved one a collection of anniversary rings.
  • Genuine Garnet – The red garnet is always a showstopper. Garnets a re a group of silicate minerals that have been popular gemstones throughout history.  The Garnet is the 2nd year anniversary ring.
  • Simulated Alexandrite – Simulated Alexandrite has all the same physical and chemical properties as natural alexandrite, but it is not nearly as expensive. Alexandrite is popular for the stunning blue to purple colorations and brilliant shine.
  • Simulated Citrine – Synthetic citrine delivers the special warm deep yellow Citrine colors that makes any sterling silver ring adorned with it a special piece.
  • Simulated Lavender – Synthetic lavender retains the special pink blush hues that define the natural lavender gemstone.
  • Simulated Topaz – Simulated topaz like the naturally mined topaz comes in a variety of blue colors from extremely light baby blue, to dark blue to match allow you to purchase the right Topaz ring.
  • Simulated Sapphire – Sapphires are one of the most special gemstones next to diamonds in the eyes of most people. A sapphire sterling silver ring is the perfect gift for a 5th, 23rd, or 45th wedding anniversary gift.  Sapphires have the deepest rich blue of all the gemstones and simulated sapphire center cut stones are nearly indistinguishable from the real versions at a fraction of the cost.

Pair your favorite gemstone with a sterling silver ring and you will have a unique gift or ring for the special day.  Sterling silver rings are affordable and when matched with the right center cut stone can make your budget go far.  Get the size of stone that you really want and wow your friends and family with a bright brilliant shiny gem on a sterling silver ring.


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