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Picking Between Different Wedding Ring Sets or Bridal Sets

Justin Grainger


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There are many different wedding ring sets for men to choose from when finding the perfect engagement and wedding ring for their special woman.  Wedding ring sets can be purchased as a package and made to fit together and complement each other in style or a wedding ring set can be selected from different rings.

 When searching online or in jewelry stores it is wise to be aware that the term wedding ring set generally means three rings in total.  It includes an engagement ring for her, a wedding band for her and a wedding band for him.  This differs from what is often called a bridal set that only includes an engagement ring and a wedding band for the bride, leaving the groom to find a mens ring specifically for him.


5 Reasons to Pick Wedding Ring Sets or Bridal Sets Versus Buying Individual Pieces


  1. The rings will match in style and materials.  The bridal set component of most wedding ring sets is designed to fit together and be worn together.  Many women enjoy wearing both rings instead of swapping out an engagement ring for a wedding band since the engagement ring will often be adorned with a precious gemstone. 
  2. Save a little money.  By purchasing all 3 rings in a wedding set together or even just purchasing a bridal set it is possible to save a little money on the package versus buying the rings independently of each other.  You know you will eventually need to purchase them for the wedding day and many retailers are willing to provide a little better deal for the set.
  3. Save time. Who wants to spend more time shopping for wedding rings than is needed.  If you are surprising your spouse with the rings make a single purchase and be ready for the engagement and the eventual wedding all in one purchase.
  4. Keep it Simple.  Wedding sets mean that you aren’t scrambling at the last minute for a wedding band for him to exchange on your special day.  Most men will want a simple wedding band so why not get a simple band that compliments the women’s jewelry.
  5. The classic look you can show off.  Having matching engagement rings and wedding bands is classy and the look that most women want on their finger. When you snap that close up shot of your fingers with the engagement ring and wedding bands on you want them to be Instagram ready.  A bridal set or a wedding ring set makes that possible without any extra effort to make sure that they will have the look that you want to share with the world on your special day.

Of course, many couples choose to not purchase a wedding ring set and choose to purchase each ring separately and that is ok too. Sometimes there's a rush to pop the question and you don’t want to take the time to pick out the wedding bands right then.  If you are going to propose but you don’t know when the likely wedding date will be and you will have some time, it is normal to just buy the engagement ring now and save money to purchase the perfect wedding bands at a later date.  

 It is in your favor to purchase a bridal set or a wedding ring set to take advantage of the benefits of getting a set and you should consider sterling silver rings for your special engagement and future wedding.

 A few popular bridal sets are the 925 Sterling Silver Interlocking Engagement set with a rhodium finish and a total of 1 ¾ ct Cubic Zirconium; the 925 Sterling Silver Princess Wedding Set with a beautiful 1.5 ct. Cubic Zirconium stone; and the 925 Sterling Silver Brilliant Wedding set.  Any of these options will be perfect for her rings for that special day.

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