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Reasons to Buy Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Online

Justin Grainger


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Finding and purchasing engagement rings and wedding bands online, goes against the norm for many people that prefer to look and feel jewelry with their own eyes and hands.  However, more and more people have become comfortable with purchasing all kinds of products online these days.  There is no reason to not consider the benefits of finding an engagement ring and wedding band on an ecommerce site.  The selection online usually dwarfs what is available at any single specific retailer and you don’t have to look any further than our collection of sterling silver rings to see that your options are endless when shopping online for the perfect fashion rings or wedding ring set.  The following are the most important things to consider when deciding to purchase a ring from an online retailer versus going to a traditional jeweler.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Online

  1. Online retailers can pass significant savings along to you as the shopper due to several reasons.  Online jewelry shops have less overhead in the costs of real estate, maintaining a physical property, utilities, and staffing.  All these costs add up quickly and cause a significant increase in the price that you will pay at the register.  By purchasing online, you can find a ecommerce retailer that is not faced with nearly as many of these costs that they have to pass along to you.
  2. Diversity of Options. When looking at the available options of engagement rings, wedding bands, and even fashion rings a physical shop is only going to be able to hold so much inventory at any given time. This physical space is a limitation in not only what they can hold in the back to sell, but also the available floor space to display pieces in the cases.  An online retailer can display huge numbers of items and even keep obscure random options in stock that a traditional retailer is just not going to invest in keeping on hand.
  3. Relaxed Sales Process. Shopping online puts you in the drivers’ seat. Some jewelry shops are well known for having fast talking salespeople that will remind you of that shady guy at the car lot trying to sell you a lemon.  Sometimes you just want to look at the available options and think on your own without having to breathe in some foul-smelling cologne dripping off the sales guy’s collar.  Pour a cup of coffee or tea and get to browsing online and avoid all the high-pressure sales tactics used to get you to purchase a more costly ring than you were intending to do.
  4. Time to Think. When purchasing online you can save your favorites and easily sort through them again and again until you are confident that you have chosen the perfect ring.  When you are at a store too many people get compelled to buy right now due to the salesperson and being online gives you this time to really think about what you want to give to your significant other for your special day.
  5. Never Leave Home. The best thing about online shopping for anything is that you never have to leave the house.  No worrying about finding a place to park, figuring out how you are going to get to the store before they close after work or any of the other issues that are a pain when you have to go into the store to make a purchase.  Shopping from home is stress free and does not chew up your precious day time for something that you can do from the leisure of home.


Look through our massive collection of sterling silver rings and other jewelry items and take the time to compare between different pieces before making the right choice for you.  You do not need to have a local jewelry middleman anymore, buy direct from an online retailer and avoid paying all the overhead costs associated with a traditional brick and mortar store.

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