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Red Carpet Jewelry

Justin Grainger

Red Carpet Jewelry


The 92nd Academy Awards are just a couple of weeks away, and all the A-list celebs will be in attendance, dressed their best (and their wackiest!). We can’t wait to see what glamorous outfits the Hollywood fashionistas come up with this year. One of the most stunning elements of a red carpet ensemble is the jewelry. To help get you excited about this year’s awards ceremony, we’re sharing some of our favorite jewelry trends to keep in mind for when you want to emulate the red carpet vibe in your own life.


Stacking Rings

 This trend started making a huge comeback during last year’s awards season, and we have every reason to believe it will only continue gathering steam. Stacking rings can look especially stunning when you leave a bit of space between the rings, easily done with separate rings or with rings that are actually one ring but designed to produce a stacking effect. To get the look with our collection, try the 925 Sterling Silver Platinum Finish Princess Fashion Alique 2 carat ring, the sterling silver infinity ring, or the sterling silver cross ring - or a combination of all three!


Rings as Necklaces

 You may have done it in grade school, but wearing rings as necklaces is a sure way to make a statement as an adult as well - when done classily, of course. You do need a chain on which to string your ring, whether it be repurposed from a necklace of a different type, or purchased specifically to go with your ring of choice. The best ring necklaces fly under the radar as “homemade” and simply look like a unique piece of jewelry that was designed to be worn around your neck. We recommend the Brilliant Eternity Channel Band or the Couture Eternity Bridal Band.


Rings on Every Finger

 It sounds like overkill, right? Well, once you’ve seen celebs doing it on the red carpet and at the awards presenting podium, you’ll get hooked on this look, too. For the rings on every finger look to work, we recommend sticking with one tone, metal, or gemstone in order to bring cohesion to a fashion statement that’s admittedly a bit over the top. For example, you could wear a selection from our genuine garnet ring collection to pull this look off in deep red, silver, and then pick from our cubic zirconia rings. Don’t be afraid to repeat a couple of the same rings on either hand, too.


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