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Rings on the Big and Small Screen

Justin Grainger

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Jewelry and cinema have gone hand-in-hand since the first silent films were shown in the late 1890s and have enjoyed an enduring relationship ever since. Sterling Silver Rings in particular have often been featured -- both as props and as plot devices -- in movies of each and every genre, from romantic comedies to adventure films throughout the ages.


Below, we go over some of cinema’s more historic rings and how they fit into the films they were featured in (as well as how they fit on the actor/actress/character’s finger!), not to mention give a few of the juicy details about each ring.


The film Titanic made a ton of waves at the box office and the film’s most memorable piece of jewelry is likely the Heart of the Ocean necklace worn by Kate Winslet’s portrayal of character Rose DeWitt Bukater.


However, the necklace is not the only breathtaking piece of jewelry in the film. Rose’s engagement ring made a huge splash on screen as well -- an engagement ring that was purchased for Rose by her wildly wealthy fiancé Cal Hockley early on in the film. The engagement ring itself is characteristic of a late Edwardian/early art deco style that was popular during the days of the Titanic. The ring has a sizable oval center stone coupled with two graduated baguettes on each side. The ring is so breathtaking that even Jack Dawson notices it in the film when he meets Rose on the deck.

Magnum P.I.

Magnum P.I. might be most known for his Hawaiian shirt and impressive mustache, however, he also wore a ring in most (if not all) scenes. The three main characters (Magnum, T.C., and Rick) each wore rings which featured a Croix de Lorraine insignia. The ring itself and why Magnum wore it would be explored in the plot of the final season of the show -- don’t worry, no spoilers.

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby remake featuring Leonardo DiCaprio was flush with all sorts of eye-catching fashion and jewelry creations, but Daisy’s ring was a perfectly chosen detail that fit the 20s era the film portrayed like a velvet glove.


The ring consisted of a large cushion cut diamond accentuated by a halo of small diamonds on a micro-pave band. Daisy wore a matching wedding band that would make a gorgeous pairing along with a plethora of accent rings, Sterling Silver bracelets, and Sterling Silver necklaces. So art deco!


Friends: Monica’s Ring

When Chandler and Monica finally took the big leap into marriage, Chandler wanted to give Monica the perfect ring. In the show, he ends up selecting a three-stone Tacori-style ring for his bride. The ring had a princess cut diamond center stone as well as two triangular-shaped side stones made of sapphire. As a plot twist, the salesman claimed that Chandler’s chosen ring was vintage -- from the 1920s. Hilarity ensued as Chandler came to find out that the princess cut didn’t get invented until the 1960s.

The Lord of the Rings

The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings films (and books for that matter) feature a ring that is probably the most known and iconic out of any story ever told. Frodo and Sam have their work cut out for them on their quest to destroy a most magical ring in an effort to save humankind. Funny how the most famous ring on this list is the most nondescript. The ring itself was a simple gold ring with a special message etched in a special script and engraved all around it.


Although Sterling Silver rings have certainly been a part of stories told on the big screen, what are the rings that have and will commemorate the special moments in your life? Browse our collection to take a look for yourself. You just might find a ring that makes you feel like a movie star.

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