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Sterling Silver Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings for Men and Women

Justin Grainger

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A sterling silver ring is the economical choice for rings for men and rings for women when searching for the right engagement rings or wedding rings.  A sterling silver ring has a unique shine and brilliance making the perfect choice for your special occasion.  Silver is a very malleable metal making them uniquely capable of being used in complex designs often associated with custom high-end jewelry.  Sterling silver is well recognized as the premier silver and easily recognized as a quality piece of jewelry when stamped with the sterling silver 925.   Whether you are search for engagement rings, wedding rings or both it is wise to consider a sterling silver option. 

The following details cover the benefits of choosing a sterling silver ring versus other precious metals and a few suggestions for rings for men and rings for women.

Sterling Silver Rings Features:

Silver is a precious metal just like gold, platinum and palladium.  Sterling silver consists of 92.5% purse silver and the remaining 7.5% is metal allow.  The most common metal alloy in sterling silver is copper, but other metals are used from time to time.  Generally pure silver is used only to adorn a ring as it is too soft of a metal for creating a pure silver ring. Check for the marking when looking for a sterling silver ring as you want to see that 925, a pure silver ring is often a poor choice due to being too soft.

Sterling silver rings can have striking finishes.  A sterling silver ring can be polished, and it can also be coated in a rhodium finish that gives it an impressive platinum like finish because rhodium is a member of the platinum metal group.  This coating can wear off over a long period time, but it can be reapplied and gives a sterling silver ring a high-end finish and appearance that just shines.

Sterling silver rings come in an endless number of styles making them the perfect option for engagement rings and wedding rings for couples that have very specific requirements for the ring they will wear for these special occasions.  Sterling silver is malleable enough that it can be designed into very intricate feminine details or symbolic designs with letterings.  Match a sterling silver ring with precious gemstones, diamonds, or even pearls to achieve the look you want at the right price.

Due to silver being a slightly softer metal than other precious metals it is important to properly care for a silver ring.   Keep it in a cloth pouch when not being worn and in a jewelry box for extra safe keeping.  Avoid swimming in a chlorinated swimming pool or hot tub with a sterling silver ring or wearing it when using household chemicals for cleaning as these harsh chemicals can damage a sterling silver ring.


Sterling Silver Rings for Men

The 925 Sterling Silver Wedding band Venetian finish ring – 5mm is the perfect choice for a wedding band for a man.  It includes a rhodium finish and is perfectly smooth and shines.  This is the best option for most men, there are tons of wedding rings to look at, but this the classic silver ring that most men will want to choose.

If you are seeking a slightly bulkier ring for a man than consider the 925 sterling silver wedding band – 9mm it has a smooth elegant finish with a ridge on either side.  This silver ring is the right choice a man that has larger hands that a smaller ring may get lost from sight.

Sterling Silver Rings for Women

The 925 Sterling Silver Double Eternity Wedding set is an exquisite option as an engagement and wedding ring.  With a 2.5 carat of Cubic Zirconia set in this ring along with a rhodium finish this ring shines bright.

The Sterling Silver interlocking wedding ring set with 1.45 carat of Cubic Zirconia highlights the malleability of sterling silver with its soft gentle design.  This special engagement and wedding ring connect to form a single ring making them a special pair to be worn forever.

Sterling silver rings are an excellent choice for both men and women when looking for the right choice of precious metal for wedding rings.  Silver shines bright and can be created into countless designs so know matter what your style preference is you will be able to find a perfect match.  Whether you are looking for a sleek and simple design or an over the top bling ring with gemstones around the whole thing, there is a sterling silver ring for you.



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