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Sterling Silver Rings and Accessories for Valentine’s Day Gift

Justin Grainger

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Giving the gift of jewelry is always a winner.  We offer a large selection of sterling silver rings, silver bracelets, silver earrings, silver pendants, and silver necklaces.  The following pieces are ones that have been the most popular over the years with people looking for a special gift for the special person in their life.  While the heart shaped gemstones is a popular model there are so many different choices out there, don’t feel like you have to be confined to this gem cut when buying jewelry on this day.  We have many affordable engagement rings, promise rings, and fashion rings.

Heart Shaped Jewelry

Whether you are looking for a piece to be shaped like a heart or to have a heart shaped cut stone, this is easily the most popular selection for Valentine’s day gifts. 

Heart Pendants

The 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium finish heart fashion heart pave pendant has a distinguished look and is a solid heart.  A more modern pendant with a subtle whimsical appearance the 925 Sterling Silver Fashion Heart pendant has a series of small cut out hearts inside wrapping around in a rounded corners hexagon for a simple and classy look.  And lastly but certainly not least our 2 carat 925 sterling silver heart necklace delivers the bling and brilliance to this heart shaped pendant.  Encrusted in a series of small cubic zirconia gemstones around the design it will sparkle and shine from the neckline.

Heart Shaped Gemstone Rings

We have a series of 925 sterling silver platinum finish rings that are perfect fashion rings and gifts for February 14th.  A sleek and smooth ring paired with a colored gemstone surrounded by a series of smaller clear stones to make the ring shine.  We offer these special heart shaped rings in genuine topaz, genuine garnet, genuine citrine, and genuine amethyst.  All four of these stones have unique colorations allowing you to pick the right ring for your loved one’s personal taste and style.  The genuine garnet tends to be the most popular due to its brilliant red colorations and matching the theme of the holiday.  Your girlfriend or spouse will love a dozen red roses and this special genuine garnet sterling silver ring.

Heart Shaped Earrings

We carry a large selection of heart shaped earrings.  These are the perfect option for someone that is not married and does not want to make the mistake of giving a ring and having the recipient think they are being proposed to.  Both solid sterling silver options and versions with cubic zirconia or other gemstones are available and at the right price point so you can give a gift appropriate to the holiday without breaking the bank.  Share your love for her and always be top of mind when she is wearing the jewelry that you have given her.

Avoid the Heart Shaped Option

If you want to give a piece of jewelry, but want to avoid the common heart shaped items think about giving a necklace with a decorative pendant.  These fashion pieces are affordable, come with or without a large variety of stones and allow you to really provide a piece that matches the recipient.

The 925 Sterling Silver “XO” Hugs and Kisses necklaces is a perfect example of this special look.  Same with the 925 sterling silver infinity necklace the perfect necklace option for giving to your spouse or fiancé, to remind them that your love and commitment to them goes on forever.  In a similar light the 925-sterling silver rhodium Finish CZ Tiffany style necklace of three concentric circles shows your everlasting bond and love for each other.  This necklace and pendant include a total of 1.5 carats and is simply exquisite and perfect for the person that loves to show off their jewelry.

Have fun on Valentine’s day sharing a special gift with your loved one.  Whether it is Valentin’s Day that you are shopping for or an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion for your relationship give a gift that they will love and cherish forever.

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