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Sterling Silver Rings with Hammer Settings

Justin Grainger

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The most common engagement ring is a ring with a prominent stone set on the ring with a prong or tiffany setting to elevate the gemstone above the metal of the ring.  A hammer setting also known as a gypsy setting is a different style that takes the cast ring and then metal is drilled out to make space for the gemstone.  This allows the gem to be flush with the surface of the metal on the ring.  This provides the ring a sleek and classy look and is perfect for wearers that do not want to create attention with a big rock protruding from their ring or prefer a style that allows them to use their hands without worrying about the ring catching on things.  These styles come in both engagement rings and wedding rings and while some people may view them as the traditional simple wedding band, they are still adorned with gems and can be giving during a proposal for an engagement.

5 Reasons Many Prefer Embedded Gemstones

  1. The gemstone is not likely damaged. Many ring styles place the ring on tiny metal prongs which elevates the stone above the ring itself making it more prominent from a viewing perspective.  However, the downside to this is it is more likely to catch on fabric when putting on clothes or get scratched when getting in and out of a car or doing other tasks. 
  2. Active women may prefer to take off a traditional engagement ring when doing activities in fear that the gemstone might hit something and pop out and get lost. Loosing a stone is a terrible feeling and can be a costly endeavor.   A hammer setting with an embedded gemstone is much less likely to be jostled loose allowing the wearer to keep the ring on more times than not.
  3. These sleek rings have a very classy appearance. Many women prefer a more modest ring and these achieve that while still retaining some of the brilliance and shine accustomed to engagement rings.
  4. A unique choice to go against the grain. When everyone else is looking for that flashy ring that will wow the whole room, some people prefer to have a subtle style.  This delivers that and whether being worn for an engagement ring or wedding band or just something fun that you can mix up your look with as fashion rings do, a hammer setting could be right for you.
  5. They are the best option for a mens rings with a little bling. A wedding band for a man no longer needs to be just a simple gold or sterling silver band as has been the tradition for centuries.  More men than ever are starting to wear a wedding band that is adorned with diamonds.  The hammer setting is the go to option for a ring for a man with gemstone.  This is the only setting option that we carry for a dedicated mens ring with a stone, but they do come in several different styles and include both sterling silver and titanium options.  The Indestructible Titanium Ring wedding band with a middle ring of cubic zirconium stones is an excellent choice for a man that wants a special ring for their wedding day.  The all-black ring and row of stones makes a stunning piece that allows a man to have a special ring too.

A favorite hammer setting style of ring that we offer is the 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Finish CZ Brilliant Fashion Wedding Band, this ring has .1 carat cubic zirconium stones set inside the dimpled ring with a classy look that will work perfect for both an engagement ring or compliment her existing engagement ring and serve as a wedding band.

Whether you are looking for a ring with one big single rock or looking for a ring with a hammer setting and a series of smaller stones embedded we have options for you.  Please review our catalog of rings and you will find a choice that works for your needs. 

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