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Stoneless Engagement Rings a New Way of Proposing

Justin Grainger

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Many couples are choosing a minimalist path for engagement rings by seeking an elegant and classy ring that has no stone.  Now many people may feel that an engagement ring must have a center gemstone, but that is simply not the case.  Many couples do not want to spend the money currently in their relationship on a rock to show off and instead have other plans for their cash.  Rather many individuals are more focused on saving money for a down payment on a home, ensuring their children are well taken care of, or simply to enjoy other pursuits of passion such as travelling and enjoying life.  The burden of spending a ton of money on a ring and wedding ceremony is an old tradition that you may choose to embrace, but do not feel bound to that tradition unless that is something you desire.

There are many sterling silver rings that are perfect rings for women than can be used for an engagement proposal. The elements that make up a special proposal include the two people and their love for one another, the setting or any special meanings for the location or time, and the element of surprise.  A ring with a huge gemstone can certainly be part of that surprise or wow factor when dropping to one knee and proposing, but there are lots of other ways to deliver a wonderful proposal without it. 

Things to think about when buying a stoneless engagement ring

  1. Will she be sad?

It is important to know some basic expectations.  If your girlfriend is not big into jewelry or has never shown much interest in big shiny rings than she may be open to the idea of a stoneless ring.  On the other hand if all she talks about from other friends’ engagements or in passing is look at that beautiful ring and gemstone that it may not be the right choice.  If she lives an intentional, minimal life and would appreciate you being practical and making the right choice for your long-term financial future that can be another checkmark in the likelihood that she will not be sad or disappointed in a stoneless ring.

  1. What style of ring?

Without a gemstone the actual style of the ring becomes even more important.  There are sterling silver rings with lots of intricate designs and others that are remarkably simple, sleek, and classy.  Most people that are looking for a ring without a gemstone are doing it with a minimalist approach and can appreciate the simple styles that have an elegant thin appearance to them. 

  1. No center stone, but small stones embedded

An option that keeps with a more minimal look and feel, but still retains some shine is a ring that doesn’t have a large center gemstone set in the middle of the ring, but has a series of small stones embedded into the ring as it wraps around the finger.  These options allow you to still give a piece of jewelry that has a little more traditional feel to it without the large center stone that can catch on things and make wearing uncomfortable for women that work with their hands a lot.

  1. Plans for what you will spend your money on.

Going with a ring without a center stone will allow you to save money for other plans, however be ready to explain to family and friends what you are doing with that money that is not being spent on the large dollar figure engagement ring.  People will be curious why you are not doing what they did and will ask what you intend to do.  Saving up for buying a home, planning for a family, or saving money to have a beautiful wedding ceremony or the honeymoon of your dreams are all good things to mention.


Look through our collections of engagement rings and wedding rings and find the right choice for your special person and make your engagement day a wonderful memory with a gemstone or without.

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