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The Perfect Valentine’s Date Night IN

Justin Grainger

Valentines Day Rings


Valentine’s Day is often the fanciest date night out for many couples. Reservations might be made months in advance, and dressy clothes purchased specifically for the evening. All of the build up can sometimes make it difficult to enjoy the night itself! As an alternative, many couples are turning to the Valentine’s date night in - a perfect way to enjoy the evening together, and focus on your relationship - with only the best bells and whistles and none of the traffic, crowds, or hype!


Here’s a guide to your perfect Valentine’s date night in:


Exchange Gifts

 Handwritten cards or letters along with a gift, however small, will make your date night in extra special and memorable. Some of our favorite Valentine’s gifts are rings from our Anniversary Rings, Engagement Rings, and Wedding Ring Sets. We even have Unisex rings to make it easy to pick out gifts for any gender. And, our rings are priced inexpensively so you don’t have to feel stressed about spending a lot of money to make Valentine’s Day special.



Make Making the Meal an Event

 Envision your perfect gourmet meal at home: candles lit at the table, dishes set up just so, and your favorite music playing in the background. Sitting and enjoying a beautiful meal at home together is the easy part - many couples are scared away from doing fancy date nights in by the meal prep. For the perfect date night in , plan the meal in advance together. Make a favorite dish and also something you haven’t tried before. If you and your partner enjoy different things, try each making a dish for the other person based on what they love. Cook the meal together. If one of you is a more natural chef than the other - that’s OK - the person who isn’t doing as much of the cooking can still be in the kitchen, as you chat together, so you can experience the process together.


Do Something Unexpected

 Many couples focus on the meal for their date night in. But think about something else you can add to the experience - such as playing a new board game, a crossword puzzle, or painting. If possible, try to do a favorite activity as well as something you’ve never done before. Learning something new together is a great bonding experience for newer couples as well as couples who have been together for a long time.


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