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Top 5 Jewelry Gifts for the Tween in Your Life

Justin Grainger

tween gifts

Do you know what’s in style for tweens these days? For the 10 to 14 year old demographic, you’re probably in the dark as to what’s considered cool right now. The good news is it doesn’t have to be hard to choose the perfect gift for the tween in your life, especially if you go with jewelry. Rings in particular are easily combined with any outfit, hat, headband, scrunchie, necklace, purse, or backpack to achieve a look that’s hip and up to the minute. Here are our favorite rings that are sure to be a winner with your tween this holiday season:


925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Finish Fashion Prong Ring

 This Sterling Silver Rhodium Finish Fashion Four Petal Prong Ring brings back flower power for the 2020s and beyond. This ring is fun yet classy, perfect for your tween who is just starting to develop their personal collection of accessories. The center stones representing the four petals add the perfect purple pink hue and just the right amount of sparkle.


925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Finish CZ Brilliant Fashion Pave Ring

This is another Sterling Silver Rhodium Finish CZ Brilliant Fashion Four Leaf Ring, this time all in cubic zirconium and silver for a more monochrome look. The center stones are also offset by embedded smaller stones around the perimeter of the ring, adding to the glam factor while still keeping it appropriate for a tween. This ring is understated yet powerful.


925 Sterling Silver Platinum Finish Fashion Ring - Berkovich

 This is another monochrome look that’s age appropriate for your tween, yet will make them feel special every time they wear it. The Sterling Silver Platinum Finish Fashion Ring - Berkovich’s three cubic zirconium center stones are completely surrounded in silver, making this a practical ring for tweens who play sports or do other activities where they don’t want to worry about taking special care of their jewelry or accessories. This ring is also the perfect price point to round out your stocking stuffer collection.


925 Sterling Silver Platinum Finish Genuine Topaz Ring

 Heart shaped rings are playful without being cheesy, making them the perfect item for your tween this holiday season. You can feel great about giving a ring that is heart shaped because it represents positive traits like love, loyalty, and courage. Plus, we love the Sterling Silver Platinum Finish Genuine Topaz Ring for a tween because it goes with everything and can be worn for dressier events like the school dance, or to casual group outings with friends like the local recreational soccer game.


Sterling Silver Infinity Ring

 The Sterling Silver Infinity Ring will always be in style. For tweens, it’s a throwback while also ensuring a subtle twist on today’s trends. The infinity ring is perfectly priced so that you can snag it for your tween even if you’ve already gotten them another gift - or, pair it with one of the rings above for a customized stacking ring set. And, infinity rings coordinate with infinity outfits - so your tween will never run out of options!

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