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What to Expect: Holiday Engagements

Justin Grainger

 holiday engagements


Think you might be looking through engagement rings this holiday season? Christmas and New Year’s are among the most popular days to pop the question. Maybe you and your partner have already discussed wedding plans and you have an idea of what’s coming. Or maybe you just have a sneaking suspicion that you’re in for a big surprise under the tree or when the ball drops. Either way, there are a few things to expect if you get engaged during this special time:


Family Involvement

 Family often play a role in engagement. They might help your partner make plans secretly to surprise you, or be asked for their blessing early on. Around the holidays, their involvement is even more likely. Chances are, family will be present if your partner pops the question on Christmas morning. You might even have New Year’s plans to go on a date night with just the two of you - and then be surprised when your whole family shows up out of the blue to witness your big moment.


Whirlwind Romance

 Whether you fell in love quickly or took your time getting serious, be prepared for a whirlwind now. The holidays are packed with activity as it is, and you’re about to add a major life milestone to the mix. Try to go with the flow and enjoy it. You won’t regret living in the moment during the days surrounding your engagement. Your memories will be even richer thanks to all the flurry.


Holiday Themed Memories

 Speaking of memories, everyone has special memories of getting engaged. But not everyone has memories that are also holiday themed. Your engagement might occur on Christmas or New Year’s during a special family meal or amidst other gifts being exchanged. Even if it’s not on one of those days but during the season, pictures snapped of the moment you say “yes” may have snow or holiday decorations in the background. Embrace this infusion of two big events. Your engagement memories and the memories of the holiday combined means that every year, you’ll have more to celebrate. Your traditions will become about honoring romantic love and commitment, as well as holiday motifs and routines.


Longer or Shorter Engagement

 As many couples still plan for a summer wedding both due to weather and convenience with work schedules, a holiday proposal may impact the length of your engagement. If you’re already preparing wedding plans, you might be at the altar in as little as six months. Or, you might be planning to take your time and enjoy an eighteen month engagement. Either way, though these engagement lengths are a bit unconventional, you’ll enjoy the ride knowing that your wedding ring sets will soon be complete. And if you’re not married to the idea of a summer wedding…


How About a Christmas Wedding?

 Christmas and New Year’s are also very popular times to get exchange wedding rings. Family might be planning on traveling to be together anyway, so if your families are scattered across the country this could be a convenient as well as very beautiful time to get married. And, you’ll have even more special memories to celebrate at the holidays every year.

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