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Why Online Shopping is the Perfect Way to Spend a Friday Night When You’re a Busy Working Professional

Justin Grainger

Sterling Silver Rings - Cubic Zirconium, Brilliant Cut, Genuine Garnet, Mens and Womens Rings



Whether you’re managing projects at a corporate tech company, writing code at a startup, working in the service industry, or providing healthcare to a revolving door of daily ailments, you’re feeling the daily grind. Sometimes this day-in, day-out routine of work can feel so demanding or draining, you feel like you don’t have time for anything else. Maybe you’re outgoing, gregarious, and endlessly chatty at work, but when you get home you crash and feel like just staring at the wall.


Cue our five reasons why this feeling should be validated, and why you shouldn’t feel bad if you channel that energy (or lack thereof) into spending your Friday night or other after-work downtime shopping online with a glass of wine:


It’s Good for the Environment

 Online shopping is the new window shopping. In fact, it’s even better: you’re not limited to just one street of storefronts or one shopping mall. You can visit as many stores as you want, for whatever length of time you want. And, online shopping is better than window shopping because you can see the entire inventory, rather than just a small selection deemed worthy of window display by the proprietor. For example, you could browse every single ring available in an online jewelry store rather than a tray of just a dozen or so, try our entire collection of Brilliant Cut Rings or maybe our Cubic Zirconia Rings.


It’s a Time Saver

 Online shopping saves you valuable time that would be spent commuting between stores, agonizing over price tags, and chit-chatting with retail staff and other shoppers. This is especially magical when shopping for things that don’t require you to try them on like jewelry or gifts for friends and family. With all the time you save, you could even feel justified working late every once in awhile - or going to happy hour with coworkers before you head on home for that online-shopping-and-wine date with yourself.


It Helps you Recharge your Batteries

 Everybody needs time to unwind. Online shopping is a pretty healthy and edifying way to do this when compared with many other things you could do to relax. And, with smartphones being fairly waterproof these days, you could even shop online for accessories while taking a bubble bath. Or maybe you’re the type of person who likes to unwind at the gym - why not take it to the next level by getting some holiday shopping done while you work out?


You’ll Find the Best Deals

 You don’t have to pay top dollar for special and unique gifts like jewelry. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when shopping in big-box stores and shell out way more than you planned to when you’re swept up in the moment. Shopping online allows you to take your time to find the best price across different shops - plus, you’re not paying a premium for a brick and mortar store’s rent and employee costs.  We have a very affordable Genuine Garnet Collection.


It’s Social

 Online shopping doesn’t have to be a solitary event. A fun Friday night for many busy working professionals these days is group texting with friends or video chatting with loved ones across different states. Social media platforms make it easier than ever to share your latest online shopping finds. Or, share your favorite jewelry item with your spouse (Mens Rings or Womens Rings) and add it to your wish list for the next holiday or your upcoming birthday.


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