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The Baguette diamond has a rectangular shape with 14 facets. The Baguette cut is similar to Emerald and Ascher cut, however, it has a more narrow and elongated shape. If you’re looking for a sleek and sophisticated look, this is your diamond. 

The Baguette Diamond Ring is basically the first cousin of the classic Cut Diamond Ring. Its simple structure showcases a center diamond that is low cost, and low alternative to its cousin. Often comes in a rectangular shape, the appearance makes it more unique than any other ring you can own. The word Baguette refers to a long, thin loaf of known French bread to which the diamond’s cut from this ring got it from. It’s distinctive shape and luster has made this ring a gorgeous jewelry to have on your finger. The luxury that already comes in owning a ring has now become more grandeur with owning a Baguette Diamond Ring. Elegant and classy, the Baguette Diamond ring makes a beautiful option for bridal jewelry.