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Princess Cut

The Princess cut diamond is square and has four beveled sides that come to a point beneath. This is a modern design that offers exceptional sparkle. This diamond cut is perfect for all types of hands and has a contemporary appearance. 

For a diamond that’s as stunning as your lover, this particularly one, the Princess Cut Rings, offers a modern and perfect ring ready for any important moment. Astonishing and original, this more spatial variant shows off the same intense wink but with a less traditional vibe. Its four well-designed sides are crafted into myriad facets, absorbing the light beautifully in an engagement ring that’s alive with fiery brilliance. This ring will flatter any shape of hand, so you can’t go wrong. Made with the best materials, this ring combines its perfect elegant design with a contemporary finish that allows it to highlight its incredible innovative appeal, while obtaining a minimalist touch. Perfect for any woman, Princess Cut Rings elevates class and style to another level. Our catalog has been carefully chosen so that you can find the ring that best suits your taste. With the most radiant diamonds, our Princess Cut Rings stand out for their novel shape and texture, since their soft material creates an unimaginable sensation on the hand. Ready for any engagement, it is also one of the most demanded options for special moments as a couple. With the diamond in the middle, this ring is stunningly timeless. Get your Princess Cut Ring and complement it with any matching accessory, so that you dazzle more and shine all day with the best possible friend. Regardless of the moment or the person, there is no better way to create a loving bond than with an immortal gift.