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Sterling Silver Anniversary Rings

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The 25th Anniversary is known as the "Silver Jubilee". The suggested gift, both traditional and modern, is silver, but it doesn't have to be your 25th anniversary to give the gift of a sterling silver anniversary ring.

Search through our beautiful selection of timeless anniversary rings for both men and women. Sterling Silver Rings only offers the highest quality rings. Reflect your love with the perfect sterling silver anniversary ring from our anniversary collection. 

If you’re celebrating 10th, 20th, 50th, or first year with your partner, the perfect gift to help remind her of this momentous occasion is an anniversary ring.

What Is an Anniversary Ring?

An anniversary ring symbolizes a particular milestone in a marriage. They’re typically a band studded with a different type of precious gemstone or diamond to signify how many wonderful, love-filled years you’ve spent together. The anniversary ring is also an embodiment of your promise to spend the rest of your days in each other’s arms.

When Should I Give Her an Anniversary Ring?

Anniversary rings are usually gifted to a wife on the date of your anniversary. However, you don’t need a reason to give her a beautiful ring. You can create another meaningful date that she’ll remember forever as soon as she lifts the ring box’s lid.

Anniversary Rings by Year

If your greatest concern is the cost of an anniversary ring, don’t be; it’s not customary to offer your wife an anniversary ring after every year of marriage. These rings are traditionally given to commemorate certain milestones together, such as a 25th wedding anniversary.

Though nothing is set in stone, the first anniversary is traditionally a simple gold stocking band. On your fifth anniversary, she’ll fall in love with a white gold band studded with sapphire. Ten wonderful years together are celebrated with diamond jewelry. Silver jubilee (25th anniversary) is a silver sterling jewelry set with bright stones like topaz or simple diamonds.

Do not be afraid to go against tradition; it certainly will not hurt her feelings if you shop for a platinum band with diamonds on your golden anniversary!