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Rings for Men

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Our men’s wedding ring collection is the foundation for a lifetime of style. A man’s wedding ring is the symbol of a unique bond of love. Find the perfect classic or uniquely modern ring that fits your style.

Men’s Rings have gone a long way from simply signifying whether a man is married or not. Nowadays, rings on men are a status symbol, an expression of style and an interesting addition to a fantastic outfit. Just like other jewellery pieces for men fashion lovers, men’s rings come in various styles. Whether you are an artsy, urban trendsetter or a businessman with a soft spot for style, you will have the opportunity to choose from a myriad of different men’s rings variants. The realm of men’s rings started blooming when top designers like Versace, Gucci, Alexander McQueen and Alan Crocetti recognized this market trend and pivoted their men’s accessories collections to rings. After all, rings on men are not an entirely new thing: they have been worn in the past by kings, rock ‘n’ roll players, members of different subcultures… As time passed, men’s rings moved away from subcultures and entered the mainstream. Nowadays, they are worn by practically all men with a sense of fashion. From street fashionistas and everyday passers-by on the street to powerful social media influencers and media personalities: you will see a ring(s) on any fashionable finger. The old-fashioned man will most likely wear only one ring – his wedding ring – although there are many exceptions even to this rule. Modern men, however, (especially millennials) will choose a ring that’s functional or has a deeper, symbolic meaning. Cultural, religious or spiritual symbols on rings are especially popular among younger men. Finally, here are some tips if you decided to start wearing a ring: 1) Align it to your overall fashion style 2) Choose the size of the ring 3) Consider the material (gold, silver, metal)