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Cushion Cut Rings

The cushion cut diamond is square with rounded corners. This charming cut gives a vintage feel but also has a modern style. Your cushion cut diamond has brilliant facets that are perfect for someone looking for a refined look with a lot of sparkle.

Diamonds have always been considered an eternal symbol of intimacy and love, and in that sense, those of the cushion cut engagement guarantee the test of time. With a design characterized by the ability to refract a rainbow light color, diamond rings inspire an old-world charm that fits and flatters any hand type and size. This precious gemstone arised in the nineteenth century, and was originally named as the “mine cut” diamond. Cushion cut diamonds have a wide range of shapes, some square, others more rectangular; and have been quite popular for more than a century. Its ancient style has been developed for a long time and in modern times it has made a brilliant comeback. This makes it one of the most personalized vintage engagement ring cuts. Striking on any metal, its variations are endless. No sharp edges or corners; with special rounded corners and larger facets, they establish a perfect combination between eternal shine and clarity. You can choose from the simplest solitaire style to the cushion cut halo engagement ring romantic feel;  there are so many choices today. Round, emerald, radiant, gold plated - each with a unique beauty worthy of being cherished by generations. They are elegant rings with a romantic halo. A valuable gift for engagements, anniversaries and unique occasions. The epitome of low-key romance. If you’re looking for a diamond with a long history of adoration, then look no further. Whatever your decision, this diamond ring is perfect for celebrating love in all its forms.