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Genuine Citrine Rings

Genuine Citrine Rings have been revered as a gift from the sun. Its colors will vary from pure to soft yellow and gold. These stunning stones have been worn for thousands of years and genuine citrine rings are believed to bring calmness and joy to its wearer. 

Citrine, from the French word Citron which means Lemon. A crystalline quartz that shines a bright yellow to red-orange color. Traditionally used in Feng Shui that symbolizes good healing containing a solar quality energy “earth tone.” This November birthstone is made from highest quality craftsmanship and known to be one of the most popular gemstones that’s easily recognizable by any individual. In the middle of this ring, a citrine gemstone with a hardness rating of 7, making it a soft gemstone but possess the quality of toughness you’d appreciate as an engagement ring. When being compared to the common, expensive diamond, the brightness of its color will always win the battle of which manifests the most beauty. Rings are often hard to be styled with, but with a Genuine Citrine Ring, your worries of fashion goes away.