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Sterling Silver Earrings

One of the must-have accessories to complete every woman’s look is a pair of Sterling Silver Earrings. No matter your style, earrings are a vital part of your fashion style. From trendy dangles to classic studs, here at Sterling Silver Rings, we have the perfect set of earrings for you or your loved one. Browse through all of our captivating earrings styles here or search through our many earring collections if you know exactly what style you’re looking for. 

These are premium quality, trendy and fashionable sterling silver earrings. With a wide range of variety of shapes and styles of these earrings, you will always find the perfect piece flattering and accentuating your earlobes down to your décolletage. Not only these are fashionable but these sterling silver earrings gives a touch of elegance and exudes femininity to every fashion pieces whilst maintaining its versatility. We have a wide range of sterling silver earring styles. From studs, drop, cluster, dangles, hoop, huggie, chandelier, threader, jacket, ear climbers, etc. with sizes dependent on the style of the earrings. To maximize wearability of the earrings and minimize tarnish, do not wear these in swimming pools, when taking off sterling silver earrings wipe them to remove sweat transferred from your skin, store them in a dry area and keep moisture levels down in containers by putting silica gel sachets. Sterling silver jewelries were first recognized and popularized in the 1800s up until today. They are widely available and patronized as an alternative to gold as these are less expensive masterpieces. In the modern day trends, sterling silver pieces are sculpted into wide variety of earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, anklets, rings, watches and charm dangles. In comparison to pure silver, sterling silvers are sturdier in making larger and more functional jewelries as these are infused with alloys to improve its properties while pure silver on the other hand, are too soft to make larger objects and are pricier. Sterling silvers are usually 92.5% pure silver infused with 7.5% alloys.

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