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One of the most upcoming and popular diamond shapes, the Oval cut offers astonishing brilliance. These are not as traditional as a round cut but instead offer a more modern elegance Much like the Marquise cut, it gives an illusion of your diamond being larger.

Oval cut rings have slowly, but surely become a class of the most modern and popular diamond cut shapes. They are adored by trendsetters who prefer a dash of classic elegance. This cut has been patented in early 1900s, but its popularity has been steadily growing since then. Now, it's one of the most popular shapes for engagement rings. When browsing for engagement rings, future husbands will surely come across many oval cuts. Christina Aguilera, Serena Williams, Blake Lively, Katie Holmes and Kate Middleton all have oval cut engagement rings. Depending on the style of the ring, the diamond can be framed by jewels and stones or have a clear border. Within the category of oval cut rings, there are those that are more traditional and romantic (like the ones that are decorated with additional gems) or those that are leaning more towards modern styles (such as a clean oval cut without too many embellishments). Many women like oval cut rings because they provide an aesthetic appearance of thinner, longer fingers. There are several sizes and shapes to choose from, but every oval will make your hands appear slimmer and more feminine. Oval cut rings have the same amount of blitz and shine as a diamond. However, the shape is more interesting and unusual, which is great for women who love challenging conventions when it comes to jewellry. Choose an oval cut ring for occassions when you want to wow everyone with an amazing sense of style.