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Emerald Cut

The Emerald cut offers a rectangular cut that sparkles with light. This type of cut has a "box of mirrors" effect with its large facets. This is perfect for anyone that has a discerning taste but also appreciates a classic look. 

An engagement as special as yours deserves to have a gift that is worthy. Emerald Cut Rings is the perfect ally to surprise your loved one and make the occasion totally unforgettable. With a beautiful and neat diamond, its subtle and elegant design allows it to adapt perfectly to any size of hand while stylizing and beautifying it. Visually spectacular, its fine diamond possesses an unique brilliance. Formerly considered a very precious stone, this diamond is the perfect way to demonstrate our deepest true love. Available in a large selection of metals, you can choose from a huge variety including the most astonishing and shimmering gold, or the radiant and delicate platinum. What is certain, is that whatever your choice is, you will not go wrong with it. All of our Emerald Cut Rings are designed to make your declaration of unconditional devotion absolutely memorable. "A very beautiful and incomparable stone" were the textual words that were collected among the high French nobility in past times about the magnificent diamond that makes up this ring. Having triumphantly toured the most dazzling lands on the planet, to this day, this incredible piece continues to be praised and desired. Shop our diverse collection today and pronounce your love in a unique way. Emerald Cut Rings will definitely be the star of the moment, creating a lovely bond that can be seen reflected in its flawless crystal, time and time again. Get your gift and thus demonstrate the enormous quality of your alliance.