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Titanium Rings

Titanium rings are sophisticated, simple, and strong. Titanium is a highly resistant and corrosion free element. Search throughout the Titanium Ring collection to find bold, indestructible, and stylish rings. 

Titanium rings are the strongest and most durable among all ring varieties. This piece of jewelry has a long tradition rooted in European ancestry. In the olden days, titanium rings were decorated with engraving and symbols aimed to protect the family of the person wearing them. According to oral tradition, a strong titanium ring is the first step towards a strong family.

Despite its strength and power, titanium is a very light material. It’s much lighter than other precious metals. Another perk is that it is not sensitive to oxidation. Here are some other advantages of titanium rings:

  • the color of the ring does not change and it doesn’t leave marks on the skin
  • you can insert precious stones to embellish the titanium ring
  • there are interesting and unusual varieties of titanium rings, such as black titanium
  • the price of titanium rings is significantly lower that silver or gold rings
  • titanium can live through the ages – it is not afraid of corrosion or oxidation and it is resistant to chemical reactions that happen over time
  • care process for titanium rings is very simple: it’s enough to just clean and polish them from time to time, much more rarely than you would have to clean gold

This material is especially admired among jewelers because of its color-changing properties. With the help of external coloring techniques, masters of the craft can achieve several color shades that differ from the initial one. A rainbow-colored coating is especially popular.