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Simulated Topaz

Topaz has an extensive range of different colors and shades. This allows the beautiful gemstone to also show multiple colors in different crystal directions. Our collection of simulated Topaz is carefully crafted to perfection and beauty. 

Topaz, a known rare silicate mineral that acquired its popularity from its alluring color. This birthstone shines a valuable yellow, orange, pink, purple, and blue. The golden, yellow topaz is among the most popular variety of Topaz one may purchase as a ring but the blue Topaz ring remains as one of the most charming variety of ring one may confidently wear on their finger. As it shares the stage with Citrine as a November birthstone, this stone stands center stage with its hardness level higher than of the Citrine; it possess an outstanding often rectangular cut that can easily grab anyone’s attention the moment they lay their eyes on it. It’s known by most that topaz is the symbol of love and affection, which makes it the perfect ring one can use to officially ask the question of a lifetime.