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Sterling Silver Bracelets

Welcome to the Sterling Silver Rings Bracelet collection. Here you will find carefully crafted and unique bracelets of every style and fashion. From cuff and charm bracelets to links, you’ll be able to find the right bracelet for your defined style. When you receive a bracelet from Sterling Silver Rings, you’re not just wearing any bracelet, you’re wearing an extraordinary artisan bracelet that truly represents who you are. Search through our stunning collection by styles or collections and find one for yourself or for that special someone you love. 

A Delicate Flair: Vintage Miami Cuban Link with Micro Detailed Chains and Plain Plates Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth. This makes our new line of sterling silver bracelet the perfect match for you! Sterling silvers are known for having 92.5% of silver and the rest are either nickel or copper, commonly called as 925 silver. As we conducted our research, most of this type of alloy darkens easily due to its exposure to various elements. Well, worry no more! We have properly designed our jewelry by mixing special types of iron and steel. This would allow an intensified durability, at the same time, a huge improvement in its corrosion resistance. Our designs are especially created to make it almost weightless; bringing comfort to the wearer. What’s more is that we have brought back and given the vintage plain plate a new look for men. It is commonly custom for women to wear the thin chains as bracelets to emphasize their delicate wrist. In our newest design of 2.5mm Miami Cuban links with silver plates, we have given each chain link microdetails such as damask, lattice, and trellis. This adds a certain level of masculinity and even elegance to this vintage design. We also have our version of this silver link for women. The designs we incorporated that they can choose from are fleur-de-lis, honeycomb, and imperial trellis. Interested? Don’t hesitate and have a piece of this level of sophistication!

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