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Genuine Garnet Rings

Our Genuine Garnet Stone offers a revolutionary and flawless finish. If you want the exquisite look of a Ruby, but at a much lesser price, our Genuine Garnet stone is a perfect choice. Explore our collection to find one that reflects your beauty. 

Everyone loves rings that are made of genuine metals and minerals. They give us a feeling of special connection to nature and fierce powers these structures have. Garnet is no exception. This special gemstone typically appears in the color red, but it’s not rare to see garnets in many different colors. This is because of the fact that garnet is actually a family of gemstones, and not a single species. That is why you can find it in different colors ranging from emerald to ruby. Due to this versatility, garnet rings are one of the most unique and interesting pieces of jewelry you will have the chance to see and wear. According to crystal researchers, garnet can act as a powerful force of attracting prosperity and self-empowerment. They also claim genuine garnet rings should always be worn on the middle finger only. The price of your genuine garnet ring will depend on the particular variety of the stone and color. Generally, clean stones with beautiful colors can reach up to $7,000 per carat. Out of all varieties, genuine demantoid garnet rings are the most valuable. Ultimately, if you are looking for a powerful way to express yourself with vibrant colors, genuine garnet rings are a terrific choice. If you have multiple, you will be able to match them to your outfit or change them according to your mood. However, if we believe the secret powers of crystals, you will never be in a bad mood when you wear a garnet ring!