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Faux Pearl

The Faux Pearl is perfect to display your elegance and beauty. From Cleopatra to Elizabeth Taylor, leading women have worn beautiful pearls throughout the ages. These are perfect for weddings, ceremonies, and special events. 

Faux pearl earrings come in different designs that will surely suit any style. Giving accent to what looks ordinary and plain, these classic pieces never wear out of style providing instantaneous lift to your whole outfit. These give flattering emphasis from earlobes to décolleté without breaking your wallet. Pearls convey femininity to whoever wears it. With its soft creamy ivory undertone, you can wear them in the evening to amp up your look or in the morning to give a well put-together daytime look. Pearls are always in season, you can wear it in a summer and autumn evening, spring twilight or winter morning. These faux pearl earrings serve as an affordable alternative to authentic ones. They provide the same flattering effects as the reals ones without breaking your budget.

Pearls, along with diamonds, are one of the most romantic gifts, ideal for Mother’s days, Valentine’s Day or wedding anniversaries to commemorate events like first dates or engagement. This is one reason that pearls are so popular for bridal jewelry. Aside from that, they also make exquisite gifts for sisters, mothers and girl friends.

They come in variety of shapes. The most common are round, drop, baroque, circle baroque etc.

Since these are faux pearl earrings and are plated, they normally tarnish, so they come in care instructions. Like any other faux jewelries:

  • It is not recommended to wear them daily.
  • Remove them before sleeping.
  • Keep them away from chemicals and oils.
  • Store them accordingly (Keep away from high humidity or moisture such as showers or pools, store them in a dry area and keep moisture levels down).
  • To keep it clean, simply wipe with a soft, polishing cloth.