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The marquise cut is a tapered cut that resembles the hull of a ship. This is also known as the Navette cut, which means "little boat" in French. A diamond cut like this offers a sophisticated and slim look. With its elongated shape, the Marquise diamond appears to be bigger and also offers a unique look.

In case you're searching for a restless and vintage-enlivened wedding band, look no further than a marquise cut ring. Couples picking this shape are in luck. This is on the grounds that marquises are commonly more affordable than different shapes, and look bigger as well! Furthermore, marquise cuts extend the fingers, making an exquisite wedding band. Couples choosing a Marquise cut precious stone ought to know about two key highlights that influence the jewel's magnificence: the necktie impact and length to width proportion. Like the pear-cut jewel, the marquise cut can extend fingers and boost the carat weight of your precious stone, causing it to appear to be bigger than it really is. Despite being heavily underrated and around for centuries, The marquise cut ring has a beautiful, everlasting elegance to it. Its oval shape meets in pointed ends, creating the look of an eye but also resembling the hull of a ship, this cut is also known as the "navette'' cut meaning "little boat" in French. It also compliments those with already long slender fingers and also helps enhance that effect because of its shape. The marquise is a variant of round and pear shaped diamonds, so not only are there benefits for your choice of ring but so does your hand.

It's not as famous as the standard princess cut and round cut rings that most ladies pick. Settling on its extraordinary decision for those future brides that want to stand out in a field of red roses.