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Simulated Alexandrite

Simulated Alexandrite allows you to have the color and characteristics of a natural gemstone but at a much lower price. Our simulated Alexandrite here at Silver Sterling Rings is carefully crafted for perfection and beauty. These stones offer a style that shows your graceful and captivating.

“Emerald by day, ruby by night” the product of the mineral chrysoberyl shines a rare color-changing variety, the epitome of rarity of the humble gemstones. The name, alexandrite, came from recognizing the colors of the Old Imperial Russian military that this stone radiates on you. This June gemstone shares the stage with the pure and simple pearl and moonstone, but remains the most unforgettable stone in the month of June for when in daylight, it shines a greenish blue to dark-yellow-brown and shines a purplish red in incandescent light or candle light. This certain ring is unique on its own for it portrays sophistication and elegance that simply cannot be compared to other stones. The Simulated Alexandrite Ring is the perfect ring for occasions that ranges from casual events to formal ones, from day wear to even night wear.