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Wedding Bands

Here at Sterling Silver Rings, we offer a wide variety of wedding bands. From traditional metals to eternity bands, you can find a wedding band that most suits your eternal love. Browse through our stunning selection and become inspired by our modern collection. 

Wedding bands (or wedding rings) are one of the wedding souvenirs that can last a lifetime, unlike flowers, decorations, accessories and other details. A wedding band is a symbolic embellishment on the hands of newlyweds who will wear it for as long as they are married. Given that the selection of wedding bands is on the to-do list of stuff to take care of before the wedding itself, it's very important to set aside enough time for this activity. You don't want to end up rushing in a hectic frenzy days before the wedding. Before you start your search, you should agree on a budget, the type of material your wedding bands will be made of and custom additions such as engravings, frostings or diamonds and stones that will make your wedding bands unique and original. Besides, newlyweds agree on the design of the wedding bands and suggest the style to their jeweler. Most commonly, the material used for wedding bands is gold, either pure, yellow gold or white hold. If the budget for your wedding bands is high, platinum wedding rings are especiallly popular. For lower budgets, a smaller silver ring will be the most budget-friendly option. Wedding band additions also depend on the budget, from low-cost zirconia to more expensive and everlasting diamonds. When choosing the wedding band additions and decorations, you have the consider the functional side as well. Think of everyday tasks you will be doing – because wedding bands are worn all day, every day, and not just on special occassions. Also, it's important to choose the correct wedding band size in order to reduce the costs of potential size adjustments.