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Pear Shape

If your loved one is unique and likes to stand out from the crowd, then the Pear shape diamond is perfect. Shaped like a tear of joy, the pear cut diamond is elongated and one of the least common types of engagement rings. This shape offers the maximum brilliance in a diamond, which is perfect for your true love.

Pear shape cut rings are also known as tear shape cut rings or pendeloque shapes. They are favorites for women who make their own rules and who want to stand out with their originality and flawless style. This unique engagement ring cut is the least typical, but has plenty of aesthetic benefits. It first originated as a variant of a tear-shaped cut and generally has 56 facets. Pear shape cut engagement rings were worn by Mia Farrow, Anna Kournikova, Katherine Heigl, Kaley Cuoco, and many other celebrities. This cut is a fave among stars because it allows them to express a high sense of style coupled with respect towards traditional rings. If you pay attention, you will see that many new celebs are now boasting a pear-shaped ring. This cut also optically lengthens fingers. If you want jewelry that will beautifully match your manicure and other pieces of hand jewelry like bracelets and bands, a pear shape cut ring is the perfect choice. An important thing to note is that a pear shape cut ring will most likely be among the most expensive variants because of the cut complexity. Finally, pear shape cut rings are a terrific alternative for women who adore the glitz and glamour of diamonds, but want to try out something different. One of the special things about this type of cut is that it will easily take center stage in any outfit or style. Once you wear it for the first time, it will dazzle everyone you meet and give you a boost of self-confidence.